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Neighbourhood in Kolkata (Calcutta)
8B bus stand area
8B bus stand area
Country  India
State West Bengal
City Kolkata
Railway station Jadavpur
Parliamentary constituency Jadavpur
Assembly constituency Jadavpur
Elevation 36 ft (11 m)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 700032
Area code(s) +91 33 2415/2416/2472

Jadavpur (Bengali:যাদবপুর) is a southern neighbourhood of Kolkata, India. It is bounded by Dhakuria to the north, Tollygunge to the west, Santoshpur to the east and Garia to the south. Several of India's major learning institutes are located in Jadavpur, around the Raja SC Mullick Road, including the Jadavpur University, the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, KPC Medical College and Hospital, West Bengal's first private-public partnership medical college, the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology among others.

The Jadavpur market area is often casually referred to as the "8B" area, due to the sprawling 8B bus terminus that dominates the major crossing of the area. It is the centre of Jadavpur downtown, right across from Jadavpur University and a few hundred yards from KPC Medical College and Hospital and K.S. Roy T.B. Hospital.


Right after the independence, West Bengal recorded an enormous influx of people from East Bengal, now Bangladesh, a migration so large that the "displaced persons" made up nearly 18 per cent of Kolkata's population. To accommodate the sudden increase in population, a large number of colonies emerged within the Calcutta Corporation area itself. One of the areas of concentration of the refugee colonies was the southeast portion of the CMD in the Jadavpur, Tollygunj, Kasba, Santoshpur areas. The refugees were interested in building their huts of "darma and bamboo" in the low-lying and marshy areas near Calcutta and many of them, belonging to middle classes, wanted to be near the metropolis for occupational interests. This is how Jadavpur started. This gave rise to the para culture (aka neighborhood) there are a number of known paras and people not familiar with the area may need to know which specific para they are looking for.Jadavpur was named after late Jadav Narayan Sarkar, Zaminder of Sonarpur.

Quality of life[edit]

Railway connectivity of Jadavpore area

Jadavpur is considered to be a residential area close to the shopping districts of Golpark and Gariahat, and adjacent to the residential areas of Jodhpur Park, Dhakuria and Golf Green. The far side of Jadavpur is connected to Santoshpur by the Santoshpur Flyover Bridge. Jadavpur is one of the busiest local train stations on the Sealdah line. Jadavpur also has a large number of buses servicing the area, some of which utilize the near proximity of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and the large 8B bus stand.

The Jadavpur market, across from Jadavpur University, is also one of the busiest markets in South Kolkata, besides Gariahat Market and Lake Market. Since Bengali cuisine is almost synonymous with fish, the Jadavpur market is a major place where you will get a wide variety of fishes, specially, the lake water fishes like Ilish mach (Hilsa fish), Pabda and the everpresent Rui. Also available are sea water fishes like Pomfret and Makarel. Vendors also offer chickens and geese; those chosen are slaughtered on the spot and usually carried home on rickshaws. It boasts of a large farmer's market, serviced by the rail line.

This area now also has a few air-conditioned restaurants and pastry outlets that cater to the local residents as well as to the students of Jadavpur University. Jadavpur is also green by Kolkata's standards, and boasts quite a few playgrounds. About five minutes walk from the Jadavpur market is Pal Bazaar, another market on the north-east side of Jadavpur.

Recently, South City mall, said to be the biggest shopping parlor of its type in eastern India, has been opened at Prince Anwar Shah Road. It has definitely added some more value to the residents of this region.

Jadavpur is generally considered to be a quite desirable place to live in. However, two major problems are high traffic and congestion. Narrow, pre-urban roads lead to traffic congestion, compounded by cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws and a high population cause some of the worst traffic snarls in South Kolkata. Previously the marshy surrounds and uncovered drains gave Jadavpur a high mosquito population, a few times more than in other parts of South Kolkata; however malaria is pretty low or non-existent now.

There is an apartment (single building) in Jadavpur, where the Sulekha Ink Factory used to stand. The name is Devaloke Heights. It is quite a community centre for the residents, consisting of a badminton court, table tennis room, gym, and community hall. There is also a games room for the youngsters. The flats start from the second floor-2A, 2B, 2C, 2D- and go on till the 14th floor. The thirteenth-fourteenth floors are duplex, i.e., 13A is connected to 14A by stairs, etc. So the resident of 13A is also the resident of 14A. Durga Puja is celebrated largely in the complex, with performances by residents of all ages.

Commuting hub[edit]

Jadavpur 8B bus stand has been a commuting hub for last 50 years. In the 1960s to 1980s, people commuted in the city mostly by buses. The route 8B used to be a prominent one. Today there are various modes for public transportation. There are public and private buses, minibuses, taxi, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws.

The auto rickshaws are motorized three-wheelers which carry four to five passengers. One or two passengers sit next to the driver somewhat precariously. But it is an ideal vehicle to negotiate the narrow roads of Kolkata. Usually referred to by a shortened name "auto", they operate on fixed, short routes of 4 to 8 km. An auto ride is extremely cheap. Depending on the distance traveled, it cost a person between Rs. 5 to Rs. 12. The time taken is usually between 5 and 20 minutes. Various auto routes intersect at 8B bus stand. You can go to Garia to the south, Gariahat on the north, Santoshpur, Mukundapur to the east, Tollygunge subway station to the west and Ranikuthi to the south west


On the cultural front, Jadavpur hosts one of the major Kali Pujas in Kolkata, called Nava-Kali (nine different forms of Goddess Kali).

People in this area are enthusiastic about important international sporting events - specially in soccer and cricket. Although the advent of cable TV has diminished the importance of local sports in Kolkata, the Ghotis-Bangal rivalry still perhaps go up a few notches of a barometer on the days of soccer matches between East Bengal and Mohan Bagan

Academic institutions[edit]

Jadavpur is distinguished by the presence of one of India's top university Jadavpur University, and the leading research institutes of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), National Instruments (Jadavpur University has taken over the campus of this defunct company in 2009) and the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB). Jadavpur is also home to KPC Medical College and Hospital and K.S. Roy T.B. Hospital,West Bengal's first private-public partnership medical college initiated by the left-front government for the betterment of medical education in West Bengal, Jadavpur Vidyapith and Jadavpur High School, some of the leading South Kolkata schools and Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Polytechnic, the leading premier polytechnic college in West Bengal.

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