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For the video game publisher and developer, see Bandai Namco Games.
Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.
Native name
Traded as TYO: 7832
Industry Toys
Video games
Amusement park
Predecessor Bandai, Namco
Founded Tokyo, Japan September 29, 2005 (2005-09-29)
Headquarters Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Key people
Shukuo Ishikawa
(President and CEO)
Revenue Increase US$4.741 billion (2011)[1]
Increase US$196.488 million (2011)[1]
Increase US$22.225 million (2011)[1]
Total assets Decrease ¥308.3 billion (2011)[1]
Total equity Decrease ¥213.7 billion (2011)[1]
Number of employees
7,013 (as of 2011)
Subsidiaries See list

Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. (NBHD) (株式会社バンダイナムコホールディングス Kabushiki Gaisha Bandai Namuko Hōrudingusu?), also known as the Bandai Namco Group, is a Japanese holding company formed from the merger of Namco and Bandai.[2] It has interests in toys, video games and arcades, anime, and amusement parks. The new entity was founded on September 29, 2005. The company has its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo.[3]

Bandai Namco Holdings (USA) Inc. (NBHU) is a regional holding company that oversees U.S.-based operations. It was officially formed on January 2, 2006 and is located in the former Bandai U.S. headquarters in Cypress, California.[4]


The main business of Bandai Namco Holdings consists of the design and implementation of management strategies for the conglomerate and providing support for the overall business of its subsidiaries.[3]


Namco Bandai Holdings was created in 2005, when Namco and Bandai performed a management integration,[5] 57% percent of the company's holding went to Bandai while 43% went to Namco. Furthermore, Bandai swapped one of its shares for 1.5 of the new Namco Bandai. Namco traded evenly with a one-for-one share.[6] carried out via a share exchange. The shareholders of Namco received one NBHD share for each Namco share and the shareholders of Bandai received 1.5 NBHD shares for each Bandai share.[2]

Prior to the merger, Bandai owned Sunrise, a Japanese animation company, which became a subsidiary of NBHD following the merger.

In September 2006, NBHD acquired CCP Co., Ltd. from Casio and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.[7][8]

NBHD fully acquired developers Banpresto (whose video game operations were absorbed into Namco Bandai Games on April 1, 2008)[9] and Namco Tales Studio since the merger. Formerly, both were partially owned by Bandai and Namco respectively. On March 31, 2006, Namco and Bandai's video game operations merged into Namco Bandai Games Inc. (NBGI). Namco's arcade and facility management continues under the name of Namco Ltd.

The business of Bandai Networks Co., Ltd. was merged into Namco Bandai Games, Inc. in April 2009 and Bandai Networks subsequently ceased to exist as a separate company.[10]

Namco Bandai bought a 34% stake in Atari Europe on May 14, 2009, paving the way for its acquisition from Infogrames.[11] Until June 30, 2012, Infogrames had the option to sell the other 66% in Atari Europe to NBHD.[12] Between June 31, 2012 to June 20, 2013, Namco Bandai gained the option to acquire the 66% stake.[13] On the 7th of July 2009, Namco Bandai Holdings bought 100% of Atari Australia Pty Ltd. NBHD acquired 100% of the shares of Atari Asia Holdings Pty. Ltd. and 100% of the shares of Atari UK Ltd.[14] These former Atari companies were merged into Namco Bandai Partners to handle distribution and publishing support in PAL territories, including contracts for other publishers' titles.

Namco Bandai is pursuing whole ownership of D3 Publisher and currently owns 95% of the company's shares.[15]

Namco Bandai has also created the ShiftyLook webcomic series, which focuses on reviving Namco's classic game series as comic strips. Comic strip series include Bravoman, Sky Kid, Xevious, Alien Confidential, Rocket Fox, Scar (based on Genpei Toumaden), and many more.

In August 2013, Namco Bandai opened a studio in Vancouver.[16]


NBHD is organized into three Strategic Business Units, supplemented by Affiliated Business Companies that provide logistical support.[17] The SBUs consist of Toys & Hobby, Content (video games, anime and recording), and Amusement Facility (theme parks).

Organizational history[edit]

The organization of NBHD has changed considerably since the merger. In 2007, NBHD consisted of 5 SBUs (strategic business unit) and the Affiliated Business Companies.[18] In April 2009, the Game Contents SBU and the Network SBU were merged[19] and since April 2010, NBHD consists of three SBUs and the Affiliated Business Companies.[20]

Toys & Hobby SBU[edit]

The Toys & Hobby SBU is mainly made up of the former Bandai's toy-making facilities and regional subsidiaries.[21][22]

  • Bandai Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai S.A.
    • Bandai UK Ltd.
    • Bandai España S.A.
    • Bandai GmbH.
    • Bandai Polska SP.ZO.O
    • Bandai (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai Asia Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai Korea Co., Ltd.
    • Creative Works Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai Taiwan Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai South Asia Pte., Ltd.
    • Bandai Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
    • Bandai America Inc.
    • Bandai Corporacion Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • Megahouse Corporation.
  • CCP Co., Ltd.
  • Seeds Co., Ltd.
  • Plex Co., Ltd.
  • People Co., Ltd.
  • Sun-Star Stationary Co., Ltd.
  • Fujiya Co.
  • Tenyo

Content SBU[edit]

The Content SBU is responsible for all video game products, including games for home consoles, arcades, and mobile platforms,[23] as well as anime production and distribution. The bulk of these facilities are made up by the former Namco, also with Banpresto and D3 Publisher, and the Sunrise anime production company, along with the following:


Bandai Namco Holdings - Content SBU Asia
Parent Company Subsidiary Location Notes
Bandai Namco Games Bandai Namco Games Tokyo, Japan Merged from video game development divisions of Bandai and Namco in 2006.
Bandai Namco Studios Tokyo, Japan
Bandai Namco Games Asia Bandai Namco Games Asia China
Bandai Namco Games Korea South Korea
Bandai Namco Games Taiwan Taiwan
Bandai Namco Games HK (Hong Knog) Hong Kong
Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Singapore
D3 Publisher D3 Publisher Japan Founded in 1992. Acquired in 2009.
Vicious Cycle Software
Cellius Tokyo, Japan Founded in 2007.
Bandai Visual Bandai Visual Shiodome, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Bandai Channel


  • Bandai Namco Games America
    • Bandai Namco Games Brazil
    • Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver
  • Bandai Namco Online
  • Bandai Entertainment


Bandai Namco Holdings - Content SBU Europe
Parent Company Subsidiary Location Notes
Bandai Namco Games Europe Bandai Namco Games Europe
Bandai Namco Games France Cergy-Pontoise, France
Bandai Namco Games Hellas (Greece) Alexandroupoli, Greece
Bandai Namco Games Nordic Stockholm, Sweden
Bandai Namco Games Portugal
Bandai Namco Games Iberica Madrid, Spain
Bandai Namco Games Germany Frankfurt, Germany
Bandai Namco Games UK (United Kingdom) London, England
Bandai Namco Games Romania Bucharest, Romania
Beez Entertainment


  • Bandai Namco Games Australia
  • Bandai Namco Games NZ (New Zealand)
  • Namco Bandai Studios Asia Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, formerly Infogrames Studios Asia Pty Ltd and Atari Studios Pty Ltd.
  • Namco Bandai Melbourne House Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia, formerly Infogrames Melbourne House Pty Ltd and Atari Melbourne House Pty Ltd.
  • Namco Bandai Partners Australia Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, founded as Ozisoft Pty Ltd in 1982, acquired July 7, 2009 from Atari.
  • Namco Bandai Partners Asia Holdings Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. Former names have been Atari Asia Holdings Pty Ltd and Infogrames Asia Holdings Pty Ltd, serves as Namco Bandai's asset holdings company for the Asian region outside of Japan.

Former subsidiaries[edit]

Amusement Facility SBU[edit]

The Amusement Facility SBU oversees the company's theme parks and the management of its own arcades, most of which were acquired through the merger with Namco.

Affiliated Business Companies[edit]


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