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Singapore Red Cross Youth (RCY)
Singapore Red Cross Youth Logo.png
Singapore Red Cross Youth Logo
Abbreviation RCY
Motto Serve One Another
Formation 1952
Type Uniformed Group
Headquarters Red Cross House
Director Mr. Sahari Ani
Affiliations Singapore Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Youth is a youth organisation for adolescents and young members interested in the organization.


Singapore Red Cross Youth 60th Anniversary Logo. Celebrating 60 years of Spirit and Service Video
SRC Campsite

In Singapore, Red Cross Youth (RCY) a Uniformed Group for Primary School and Secondary School students. It has a membership of 1467 Links in and 2451 Cadets as of 31 December 2013. It is one of the active divisions in the Singapore Red Cross. It also finances its own operations and activities.

The Red Cross Youth was formed in 1952, with Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) having its first cadet unit. The Red Cross runs school-based youth programmes and is a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) recognized by the Ministry of Education as an avenue for Character and Citizenship Education in Singapore schools. The Red Cross Youth has two programmes – one for the Primary School children (Link Programme) and another for Secondary School youths (Cadet Programme). The organization of youth activities under this approach has produced good results with both the Link units and Cadet Units, enthusiastically pursuing a series of activities ranging from social/recreational to community programmes.

The Singapore Red Cross Youth seeks to:

  • Promote and encourage the participation of children and young persons in the work of the Red Cross.
  • Inculcate healthy living habits.
  • Strengthen the band of international friendship existing between Red Cross Youth members throughout the world.

Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC or RCY Chapters), previously known as the Red Cross Humanitarian Network (RCHN) was incorporated into Red Cross Youth from 1 July 2011.[1]

List of RCY Chapters in Singapore

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Anderson Junior College
  • Raffles Junior College
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • ITE College East
  • Singapore American School


1952: Talks on Junior Red Cross (JRC) activities were conducted in several schools in Singapore. Soon cadet units began to mushroom.

1959: Mr S Y Han was appointed as Director.

8 May 1966: Red Cross Training and Holiday Camp at Tanah Merah was officially opened by Inche Rahim Ishak, former Minister of State for Education.

1968: First Aid and Footdrill competition for links were initiated.

1970: Mrs J Q Fok was appointed as Director

1972: JRC was renamed the Red Cross Youth (RCY).

1976: Mr Looi Sik Cheong was appointed Director of RCY

1981: Red Cross Officer’s Course for a group of teacher-trainees from the former Institute of Education The Link Carnival at the former Wonderland Amusement Park drew more than 3,000 members and officers from 76 units. In that year, the Link Film Show was attended by more than 1,250 link members and officers.

1982: Cadet and Link units are divided in 4 zones -North, South, East and West

1984: Civil Defence programme was introduced.

1985: CPR training for members added a new dimension to the range of Red Cross programmes

1987: The late Mr Chia Hong Kit was appointed as Director of RCY.

1989: the Red Cross Knowledge Instructional Course for cadets was introduced.

1990: the Incentive Badge Scheme for Link / Cadet members was implemented.

1991: A cast of about 100 members in full uniform, lit and carried candles on an evening at the Merlion Park to provide footage for a video titled ‘Light the Darkness’.

1993: Mrs Tan Soke Chin was appointed the Director of RCY.programme of the BBC and ‘Newswatch’ of the former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

1994: the World Red Cross Day Celebrations cum Enrolment Ceremony was held for the first time in Yishun Indoor Stadium. In August, youth members from the Osaka Chapter of the Japanese Red Cross Society visited Singapore Red Cross, starting a six-year bilateral relationship between the two organisations.

1995: The Red Cross Youth cadet team beat 10 other youth teams to emerge as the Champion in the region, in the Asia- Pacific Regional First Aid Competition held in Hong Kong from 27 July to 2 August.


The Singapore Red Cross Youth comes under the command of Singapore Red Cross Society with the following appointments:

Appointment Incumbent
Patron President of the Republic of Singapore
Chairman Mr Tee Tua Ba

The Singapore Red Cross Youth is also organised in a National Headquarters level with the following appointment:

Appointment Incumbent
Director Mr Sahari Bin Ani

Hierarchy of RCY: Headquarters train Volunteer Instructors (VIs), and VIs will in turn, train Cadets. Red Cross Youth is a ranked organisation, and members fall into a hierarchical structure of command. Red Cross Youth ranks run from members through Link, Cadet, Cadet Officers, Youth Officers and Divisional Officers. However,it is difficult to equate the rank structure to equivalent ranks in other military/paramilitary organisations.

Cadet Movement[edit]

The Red Cross Youth seeks to:

  • promote and encourage the participation of children and young persons in the work of the Red Cross.
  • inculcate healthy living habits.
  • develop a sense of social responsibility.
  • strengthen the band of international friendship existing between Red Cross Youth members throughout the world.

Red Cross Youth Song[edit]

Come let us pledge again, Each heart and hand, To thee the flag we serve, Friends in every land.

Come let us give anew, Each thought and mind, To be a light to shine, Over all mankind.

So may our emblem be proudly unfurled, To link the chain of youth for service through the world.

Oh give us strength to prove, Sure and sublime, To make the cause we serve, Shine over the hills of time.

Red Cross Youth Promise[edit]

We, as members of the Singapore Red Cross Society, promise to serve our country, and to join with others all over the world to help the sick and suffering.

Specialisation Creeds[edit]

Foot Drill

Foot Drill-Cadets marching

We, as Foot Drill Specialists of the Singapore Red Cross Youth, Pledge that we will uphold the discipline In both bearing and standards. We command with confidence and execute with precision We persevere and overcome adversity as one. We will instruct and inspire!

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities-Cadets doing Outdoor Cooking(Silver Level)-using dried leaves and twigs

In the face of challenges, We dare to set new directions and forge new trails into the unknown. With our thirst for adventure, We endeavor to expand our horizons and strive to bring our team to brave all odds. We, the Outdoor Activities Specialists, will embody the spirit of tenacity and discovery. Always ready to share!

Casualty Evacuation
We, as Casualty Evacuation Specialists, Will always be ready to face any obstacle with dedication and steadfastness. As a team, we save lives and uphold our duties. With unyielding determination, we instill the values of safety and readiness in our teaching. With strength and wits, We perform to the best of our abilities; With speed and steadiness!

Red Cross Knowledge
Through knowledge, We design our identity. With identity, we establish our pride. With pride, we share the strive for humanity With our families, our friends and the world. There upon promised, We, the Red Cross Knowledge Specialists, will be the light to shine over all mankind. Always for humanity!

First Aid
With impartiality and diligence, we serve humanity with confidence and pride. With dedication and compassion, we guide our learners to be steadfast in both knowledge and skills. We, as First Aid Specialists, will ignite the passion to help the sick and the suffering, with Kindness, Firmness and Patience!

Incentive Badges Scheme[edit]

The objective of the Incentive Badge Scheme is to encourage Link and Cadet members to take an interest in subjects outside their normal academic curriculum and to widen their interests by carrying out these activities during unit trainings. Such activities may also be organized by their respective Districts. Certain activities are also organized by Red Cross Headquarters.

The different badges are as follows:



  • Director's Award Badge

Proficiency badges

  • First Aid (Standard, Gold)
  • Youth Ambassadors' Blood Programme (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Red Cross Knowledge (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Red Cross Service Learning (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Disaster Management (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

National Education badges

International Exchange Programme to Japanese Red Cross, Hyogo. Visit to a Red Cross Hospital in Hyogo
  • Total Defence (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • National Day Parade
  • Singapore Youth Festival
  • National Camp
  • National Heritage
  • SANA Anti-Drug and Inhalant Abuse

Fundamental Badges

  • Foot Drill
  • Outdoor Activities

Enrichment badges

  • International Friendship
  • Link-Cadet


Core Subjects

  • Basic First Aid (Foundation, Formative)
  • Basic Red Cross Knowledge (Foundation, Formative)
  • Youth Ambassadors' Blood Programme (Foundation, Formative)
  • Red Cross Service (Foundation, Formative)

UG Fundamental Subjects

  • Basic Outdoor Activities (Foundation, Formative)
  • Basic Foot-Drill (Foundation, Formative)


  • Director's Award Badge

Non-Core Subjects

  • Environment Education (Foundation, Formative)
  • Health Education (Foundation, Formative)
  • International Friendship
  • Performing Arts (Foundation, Formative)
  • Sports Education (Foundation, Formative)

Annual Events[edit]

Red Cross Youth hosts a variety of major events, performances, competitions and programmes. The events are as follows:

Type Programme/Event
Competitions First Aid Competition, Current Affairs Competition, Sports & Wellness Day
Training Modular Workshops, Unit Leaders' Programme, Volunteer Instructors' Programme, Unit Officers' Programme, Volunteer Officers' Programme
Celebration/Recognition Awards & Recognition Day
Others Red Cross Youth Challenge, Linkamania Camp, Youth Officers' Sharing Session, Overseas Humanitarian Programme, International Youth Exchange Programme


Uniform Type Description
Cadet (Female) The Female cadet uniform consist of a beret with cadet cap badge and hairnet, a short-sleeved one piece dress with black buttons and boots. Shoulder flashes bearing the word "cadet" and the Singapore Red Cross are worn on both sleeves. Epaulettes bearing the Cadet's rank are worn on the shoulders.
Volunteer Instructors (Male) The Male VI uniform consists of a beret with adult cap badge, a white bush jacket with 4 big brass buttons in front, white pants and black leather shoes. Shoulder flashes bearing the word "Headquarters" and the Singapore Red Cross are worn on both sleeves. Epaulettes bearing the Instructor's rank are worn on the shoulders.
Volunteer Instructors (Female) The Female VI uniform consists of a garrison cap with the adult cap badge at the front, a long-sleeved top with flat collars and with brass buttons in front, white blouse and black court shoes. Shoulder flashes bearing the word "Headquarters" and the Singapore Red Cross are worn on both sleeves. Epaulettes bearing the Instructor's rank are worn on the shoulders. For Muslim female instructors, a white long skirt and white/navy blue scarf is worn.
HQ Youth Officers (Male) The Male YO uniform is the same as that to the male VI's but with a peak cap instead of a beret.
HQ Youth Officers (Female) The Female YO uniform is the same as a female VI's.
Youth (Teacher) Officers (Male) The Male Teacher-Officer uniform is similar to the HQ Youth Officer uniform, sans the 'HEADQUARTERS' tab.
Youth (Teacher) Officers (Female) The Female Teacher-Officer uniform is similar to the HQ Youth Officer uniform, sans the 'HEADQUARTERS' tab.
Male Cadet
Female Cadet

Rank structure[edit]

Rank structure with illustrations

All listed ranks are in order of hierarchy, from top to bottom, left to right.

Link Cadet Volunteer Instructors Youth Officers Divisional Officers Appointment Ranks
Bronze Star Private Assistant Cadet Officer2 Assistant Youth Officer3 Assistant Divisional Officer Deputy Director6
Silver Star Lance Corporal Cadet Officer Youth Officer4 Divisional Officer Director6
Gold Star Corporal Senior Cadet Officer Senior Youth Officer Senior Divisional Officer5
Sergeant Principal Cadet Officer
Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer
Senior Warrant Officer1

1Granted to outstanding cadets who have passed the Unit Leaders' Programme (ULP).

2Granted to Volunteer Instructors who have passed the Volunteer Instructors' Programme (VIP).

3Granted to Volunteer Instructors, aged 21 and above in the year of promotion, who have completed the Volunteer Officers' Programme (VOP).

4Granted to teachers who have completed the Unit Officers' Programme (UOP), or Assistant Youth Officers who have shown continued service.

5This is the highest possible rank an Officer can be promoted to.

6These are Appointment Ranks appointed by The Council.

Volunteer Instructors (VI)[edit]

Volunteer Instructors

Volunteer Instructors (VIs) are usually (but not always) graduated cadets of various RCY units who wish to continue rendering service to the organization, at the school and/or headquarter level. Volunteer Instructors are required to undergo the Volunteer Instructors' Programme (VIP) organised by Red Cross Youth Headquarters. Trainees will undergo training to equip them with knowledge and skills to be an instructor in Red Cross Youth. All Instructors are required to obtain the Standard First Aid Certificate. When trainees successfully pass out from VIP, they will be appointed the rank of Assistant Cadet Officer.

Duties of a VI includes:

  • Assisting the Youth Officer (YO) in preparing the unit's training work plan.
  • Assisting in conducting training and organising of activities within the core curriculum of the RCY.
  • Assisting in the organisation of activities for the respective district.
  • Providing proper guidance and counselling to cadets and links, as well as to take charge of their welfare.
  • Attending meetings at unit committees as a co-opted member to provide advice and expertise.

Awards and Commendations[edit]


A Cadet's Lanyard

Lanyard are awarded to cadets with outstanding performance in terms of leadership and/or skills in the following programmes/events. Lanyards are usually worn on the left shoulder as shown above. However, if a cadet attains more than one lanyard, he/she can only wear one.

Programme Duration  % of cohort
Unit Instructors' Programme Nov-Dec 10
Unit Leaders' Programme May–June 10
Red Cross Youth Challenge Dec 10

Long Service Awards

Long Service Medals

Long Service Medals are awarded to Red Cross Volunteers as an appreciation for their active contributions in Singapore Red Cross.

Length of Service Award
5 Red Cross Bronze Star (Phased Out)
10 Red Cross Silver Star
15 Red Cross Gold Star
20 Red Cross Platinum Star
25 Red Cross Diamond Star

The UnI Channel[edit]

In order to allow the cadets to stay connect with Red Cross Youth and interact with other cadets. In 2009, Red Cross Youth publicity team launched a Facebook group and blog, both named The UnI Channel. The blog provides regular updates on Red Cross-related issues such as works of ICRC and IFRC to provide cadets with additional information pertaining to the work of the Red Cross. Besides factual information about the Red Cross, the blog would also discuss problems regarding Unit Management, teamwork and youth-related issues. Moderators would also put up photos of recent RCY events that have occurred (like the ones mentioned above). The blog has achieved high readership since its launch in 2009, as of March 2012, it has over 140,000 views.

The UnI Channel also include a UnI Youtube Channel and a Facebook account which contains photographs of various events that happen within the Red Cross Youth Spectrum. More recently, they launched Twitter and Instagram accounts to update readers on the Red Cross Red Crescent scene, both locally and internationally.

School Units[edit]

Schools are categorised into four districts, namely the North, South, East and West. Below are the districts and their respective schools. Award section updated on 23 Feb 2014