Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996

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Eurovision Song Contest 1996
Country  Romania
National selection
Selection process Eurovision Selecţia Naţională 1996
Selection date(s) March 8, 1996
Selected entrant Monica Anghel & Sincron
Selected song "Rugă pentru pacea lumii"
Finals performance
Final result Failed to qualify (29th)
Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Romania selected Monica Anghel & Sincron, with the song "Rugă pentru pacea lumii", to be their representatives at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, held on 18 May in Oslo. "Rugă pentru pacea lumii" was chosen as the Romanian entry on a National Final held by Televiziunea Română (TVR) on 8 March. However, Romania was one of seven countries which failed to qualify for the Eurovision final from a pre-qualifying round, so they were not represented in Oslo. National final was won by Monica Anghel & Sincron, with the song "Rugă pentru pacea lumii", music by Cornel Fugaru, and lyrics by Mirela Voiculescu Fugaru.

National final[edit]

The National final was held at the Palatul Copilor in Bucharest, on March 8, 1996, and was hosted by Angela Similea and Gabriel Cotabiţă. There were 20 songs, 3 sang by Monica Anghel (one alone, one with Gabriel Cotabiţă and one with Sincron), 2 by Gabriel Cotabiţă (one with Monica Anghel and one alone) and 2 by Sfinx Experience (one alone and one with Luminiţa Anghel). The winning song was chosen by regional juries.[1]

Selecţia Naţională - 8 March 1996
Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Class "Răspuns" 7 156
2 Monica Anghel "Să rămânem o viaţă împreună" 8 146
3 Adrian Daminescu "E numai un joc" 11 114
4 Trio Galax "Vino jar" 20 21
5 Sfinx Experience "Oameni fără chip" 12 98
6 Monica Anghel & Gabriel Cotabiţă "În lipsa ta" 10 128
7 Loredana Groza & Direcţia 5 "Visăm America" 13 95
8 Otilia Romea "Din nou despre dragoste" 6 159
9 Geanina Olaru "Spune-mi să stau" 4 170
10 Crina Mardare "Secundă" 3 191
11 Daniela Gyorfi "Mai stai lângă mine" 17 50
12 Nicoleta Nicola "Undeva departe ești tu" 19 25
13 Elena Cârstea & Adrian Enache "Doi prieteni buni" 14 80
14 Gabriel Cotabiţă "Atunci când nu ești" 9 136
15 Poesis "Cerul cu mâna poţi să-l ajungi" 16 61
16 Luminiţa Anghel & Sfinx Experience "Încotro soartă" 5 166
17 Monica Anghel & Sincron "Rugă pentru pacea lumii" 1 230
18 Mihai Constantinescu & Anastasia Lazariuc "Vise" 15 66
19 Daniel Robu "Mai e timp" 18 35
20 Dida Drăgan "O lacrimă de stea" 2 195

At Eurovision[edit]

In 1996, for the only time in Eurovision history, an audio-only pre-qualifying round (from which hosts Norway were exempt) was held on 20 March as 29 countries wished to participate in the final but the European Broadcasting Union had set a limit of 22 (plus Norway). The countries occupying the bottom seven places after the pre-qualifier would be unable to take part in the main contest. After the voting, "Rugă pentru pacea lumii" had received 11 points, placing 29th (last) and because of that Romania did not participated in 1996 Eurovision Song Contest.

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