Bangalore Monorail

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Bangalore Monorail
ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಮೊನೊರೈಲ್ವೆ
Locale Bangalore, Karnataka
Transit type straddle-beam Monorail
System length 41.3 kilometres (25.7 mi)

Bangalore Monorail is a rapid transit system proposed for the city of Bangalore, India.


The State government appointed Capita Symonds, a UK-based consultancy firm, to suggest the best feeder rail network for Bangalore. Capita Symonds stated that Light Rail Transit (LRT) was more advantageous than monorail.

The Bangalore Airport Rail Link (BARL) Ltd is the nodal agency for implementing the project.[1]

Throughout the world, new railways are being built using magnetic levitation (Maglev). Maglev has a higher initial cost, but has lower maintenance costs and uses little energy. Traditional rail transport has a low initial cost, but has higher maintenance costs and is not fuel efficient. New public rail transport systems using Maglev include the Shanghai Maglev Train,[2] Incheon Airport Maglev, and routes in Japan. Russia has a Maglev system in the planning stages.


Terminals Length (km)
JP Nagar Hebbal 31.3
Peripheral Ring Road Magadi Road Toll Gate 10

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