Cathedral of Mren

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Cathedral of Mren
Mren Cathedral.jpg
Mren in the early 20th century
Basic information
Location Digor (District), Kars
Geographic coordinates 40°14′32″N 43°39′47″E / 40.242125°N 43.662953°E / 40.242125; 43.662953Coordinates: 40°14′32″N 43°39′47″E / 40.242125°N 43.662953°E / 40.242125; 43.662953
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Country Turkey
Architectural description
Architectural type Three-nave basilica with dome
Architectural style Armenian
Groundbreaking 631
Completed 639

The Cathedral of Mren is a 7th-century Armenian church in an abandoned medieval town site called Mren. It is located in the Kars region of Turkey near the border with Armenia, about 1.5 km west of the Akhurian River.

The church of Mren is a domed triple-nave basilica, believed, on the basis of an inscription on its west facade and on stylistic features, to have been built in the 630s or early 640s.

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