St. Georg Church

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St. Georg Church
Armenian church of Saint George in Isfahan.JPG
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
LocationJulfa quarter, Isfahan, Iran
St. Georg Church is located in Iran
St. Georg Church
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates32°38′16″N 51°39′16″E / 32.637875°N 51.654342°E / 32.637875; 51.654342Coordinates: 32°38′16″N 51°39′16″E / 32.637875°N 51.654342°E / 32.637875; 51.654342

The St. Georg church or Gharib church is a historic church in Isfahan, Iran. It is the second oldest church in the Julfa quarter, after the Hakoup church, which is located inside the St. Mary church. The interior of the St. Georg church is very plain and there is only one old painting in the apse, but the church gains its importance from its annex structure, which contains 13 stones that Armenians brought with them from Etchmiadzin Cathedral when they migrated from Armenia to Isfahan. Because of these stones, the St. Georg church is one of the holy places for Armenians in Julfa. At the entrance of the church is a mosaic from Sultan Husayn's era depicting Jesus, Mary, and the three Magi bearing gifts.[1]



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