Samsonavank Monastery

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Samsonavank Monastery
Samsonavank Monastery is located in Armenia
Samsonavank Monastery
Shown within Armenia
Basic information
Location Tavush Province,
Geographic coordinates 40°58′29″N 45°02′11″E / 40.9747°N 45.0364°E / 40.9747; 45.0364Coordinates: 40°58′29″N 45°02′11″E / 40.9747°N 45.0364°E / 40.9747; 45.0364
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Country Armenia
Architectural description
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 12th-13th centuries
Dome(s) 1 intact on one of the churches.

Samsonavank Monastery (Armenian: Սամսոնավանք) is a 12th-13th century monastery easiest reached via Yenokavan in the Tavush Province of northern Armenia. It is a small monastic complex that is located in a forested area along the slopes of a mountain approximately 6 km to the south of Deghdznuti Vank of the 13th century and not far from the medieval fort of Berdakar.


The site consists of a small domed 12th- or 13th-century church, a shrine, and another small church. Finished stones used in the construction of Samsoni Vank have eroded due to rain.


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