Samsonavank Monastery

Coordinates: 40°58′29″N 45°02′11″E / 40.9747°N 45.0364°E / 40.9747; 45.0364
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Samsonavank Monastery
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
LocationTavush Province,
Samsonavank Monastery is located in Armenia
Samsonavank Monastery
Shown within Armenia
Samsonavank Monastery is located in Tavush
Samsonavank Monastery
Samsonavank Monastery (Tavush)
Geographic coordinates40°58′29″N 45°02′11″E / 40.9747°N 45.0364°E / 40.9747; 45.0364
Completed12th-13th centuries
Dome(s)1 intact on one of the churches.

Samsonavank Monastery (Armenian: Սամսոնավանք) is a 12th–13th century monastery easiest reached via Yenokavan in the Tavush Province of northern Armenia. It is a small monastic complex that is located in a forested area along the slopes of a mountain approximately 6 km to the south of Deghdznuti Vank of the 13th century and not far from the medieval fort of Berdakar.


The site consists of a small domed 12th- or 13th-century church, a shrine, and another small church. Finished stones used in the construction of Samsoni Vank have eroded due to rain.


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