Flag of the Bangsamoro Republik

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Bangsamoro Republik
MNLF flag.svg
Use National flag
Adopted 12 August 2013
MNLF flag (no inscription).svg
Variant flag of Bangsamoro Republik
Use National flag
Adopted 12 August 2013
Design Variant without the shahadah on the star and crescent

The flag of the United Federated States of Bangsamoro Republik, an unrecognized state that declared independence from the Philippines, was adopted on 12 August 2013. It is also the flag of the Moro National Liberation Front. The flag consist of a golden yellow star and crescent and a kris on a red field. The star represents Truthfulness, Fairness, Equality and Tolerance while the crescent moon symbolizes wisdom. The kris symbolyzes strength. The red field represents the Bangsamoro activism, decisiveness, persistence, frugality, and sacrifices in pushing forward the revolutionary struggle for survival, self-determination, and success. The flag design is secular despite having a star and crescent, a symbol often associated with Islam. The flag has not been standardized and many variation exists regarding the scaling of elements in the flag. A variant, with a shahadah on the star and crescent exists.[1]


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