Erich Gliebe

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Erich J. Gliebe
Nickname(s) The Aryan Barbarian
Nationality American
Born May 23, 1963 (age 53–54)

Erich Gliebe (born 1963 in Cleveland, Ohio) was the Chairman of the National Alliance.[1] In his youth, Gliebe had been a professional boxer who boxed under the moniker of "The Aryan Barbarian."[2]

Gliebe's political views were inspired by his father, who served in the German Wehrmacht in World War II. He became prominent within the National Alliance as leader of the Cleveland National Alliance Local Unit. He was hired by William Pierce to run the White-power music label Resistance Records after the National Alliance bought full ownership of it in 1999.

After Pierce's death in July 2002, Gliebe was appointed the new Chairman by the Board of Directors.[3] Almost immediately, Gliebe began to alienate members, provoking a backlash within the NA leadership.[4] Gliebe briefly turned the leadership over to Shaun Walker, but resumed the leadership of the National Alliance, after his successor was charged with Civil Rights violations.[5] After resuming the leadership of the organization, Gliebe saw the National Alliance's membership decline precipitously, orchestrated the sale of its Hillsboro, West Virginia property, and halted its operations as a "membership organization."[6]

In April 2009, it was revealed that Gliebe's name was on the list of individuals banned from entering the United Kingdom.[7]


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