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HBO Europe
HBO Europe logo.png
Launched September 28, 1991
Owned by Time Warner/Home Box Office
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary

HBO Europe is a premium pay television service operating in fifteen countries in Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the Netherlands.[1] HBO Nederland is a joint venture between HBO and Ziggo BV.

The first service launched by HBO in Europe was HBO Hungary, which launched on September 28, 1991.[2] This was followed by the launch of HBO Czech in 1994, HBO Poland in 1996, a launch in Slovakia in 1997, HBO Romania in 1998, launch of HBO Romania in Moldova in 1999, HBO Bulgaria in 2002, HBO Adria in Croatia and Slovenia in 2004[3] HBO Serbia in Serbia and Montenegro in 2006[4] and HBO Macedonia in Macedonia in 2009.

HBO Europe has the following channel brands:

  • HBO is available in all fifteen countries.
  • HBO 2 is available in Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • HBO 3 is available in Netherlands with a focus on Action and Thriller
  • HBO Comedy was launched in January 2007.[5] It is available in all eleven countries.
  • HBO On Demand was launched in March 2007.[6] It is a video-on-demand service, available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.
  • HBO HD was launched in 2008. It is available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Cinemax was launched in 2005.[7] It is available in all eleven countries.
  • Cinemax 2 is available in countries where Cinemax is available.
  • Cinemax HD was launched in Poland, Slovenia,Croatia,Czech Republic and Romania.
  • HBO 2 HD was launched in Poland in 2011 and will become available in the Czech Republic during 2012.
  • HBO Comedy HD was launched in Poland in 2011, also available in Croatia, Slovenia,Czech Republic and Romania.
  • Cinemax 2 HD was launched in Poland in 2011, also available in Croatia,Slovenia and Romania.


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