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The Fall 2007 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was a biannual gathering of technologists to discuss Intel products and products based on Intel products. The first IDF was held in 1997.

To emphasize the importance of China, the Spring 2007 IDF was held in Beijing instead of San Francisco, and San Francisco and Taipei shared the Fall IDF event in September and October, respectively. Three IDF shows were scheduled in 2008; with the date of IDF San Francisco notably moving to August rather than September. In previous years, events were held in major cities around the world such as San Francisco, Mumbai, Bangalore, Moscow, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Munich and Tokyo.

On April 17, 2017, Intel announced that it would no longer be hosting IDF. As a result of this announcement, IDF17, which was scheduled for August in San Francisco, was canceled.[1][2]

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Intel originally announced that in 2017, no event would be hosted in China and that the San Francisco event would feature a new format.[3]

On April 17, The event was cancelled with the retirement of the entire program.[1][2]


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