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Intel WiDi
Intel WiDi logo.gif
The Intel WiDi Logo
Manufacturer Intel
Type Wireless Display-Distribution System
Connection Wi-Fi Direct

Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, developed by Intel, enables users to stream music, movies, photos, videos and apps wirelessly from a compatible computer to a compatible HDTV or through the use of an adapter with other HDTVs. Intel WiDi supports HD 1080p video quality, 5.1 surround sound, and low latency for interacting with applications that are sent to the TV from a PC.

Using the Intel WiDi Widget users can perform different functions simultaneously on their PC and TV such as checking email on the PC while streaming a movie to the TV from the same device. [1]


In Intel Wireless Display version 3.5, the Miracast standard was supported.[2] Miracast is included in all Android 4.2+ smart phones.

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