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Kevin Carson is an American social theorist, economist, and anarchist who has identified at various times as a mutualist, individualist anarchist, left-wing market anarchist and anarchist without adjectives.[1][2][3]:28 He works as a Senior Fellow and Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory at the Center for a Stateless Society.[4] Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy aims to revive interest in mutualism, in an effort to synthesize Austrian economics with the labor theory of value by attempting to incorporate both subjectivism and time preference.[5]


Carson's work has been addressed by anarcho-capitalists Walter Block[6] and Tate Fegley[7], as well as fellow Center for a Stateless Society member Roderick T. Long.[8]

The anarcho-syndicalist group Workers' Solidarity Alliance has criticized Carson for neglecting the role of class struggle in anti-capitalist activities.[9] Carson responded by claiming that anarcho-syndicalism is outdated and unrealistic[10][11][12].

Selected works[edit]

  • Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (2007)[5][4]
  • Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective (2008)[4]
  • The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto (2010)[4]
  • The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Individuals and Networks (2016)

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