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In Taiwan, law is primarily studied as an undergraduate program resulting in a Bachelor of Law (B.L.).[1] It is said that this degree is equivalent to the 'first' professional degree in law (J.D. or LL.B.). This is why most Taiwan universities have departments of law rather than schools of law. Recently, some universities have adopted a system where students with university or higher education in subjects other than law may apply for admission to law institutes. Many places, like the National Taiwan University College of Law, have begun to offer a Master's program in what they refer to as interdisciplinary legal studies; this program is utilizing a professional school-like legal education system. At the graduate level, there is an LL.M. or Ph.D. offered in the area of law.[1]

Students receive academic rather than practical training.[1] Practical training is arranged only after the individual passes the lawyer, judge or prosecutor exams.

Law schools[edit]

Compulsory courses for undergraduate students[edit]

According to the National Taiwan University College of Law:[1]

First year
  • Constitutional law
  • Civil Code - General Principle I
  • Criminal Code - General Principles I
  • Civil Code - General Provisions of Obligations
Second year
  • Civil Code - General Provisions of Obligations II
  • Civil Code - Kinds of Provisions of Obligations
  • Civil Code - Property
  • Civil Code - Family and Succession law
  • Criminal Code - General Principles II
  • Criminal Code - Kinds of Offenses
  • Administrative Law
  • Legal History
  • International Law
Third year
  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Procedure
  • General Principles of Business Law & Corporation Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Law of Negotiable Instruments
  • Maritime Law
  • Jurisprudence
Fourth year
  • Conflict of Laws
Fifth year
  • Some law schools in Taiwan have a five-year LL.B. program to incorporate courses with specialties into their curriculum. Soochow University School of Law, for example, is well known for its five-year LL.B. program featuring Anglo-American law and comparative legal studies.

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Further reading[edit]

  • Lo Chang-fa, The Legal Culture and System of Taiwan, Chapter 2, (Kluwer Law International 2006).


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