Nataoran language

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Native to Taiwan
Ethnicity Ami, Sakizaya
Native speakers
913[1] (2017)[2]
  • Sakizaya
Latin script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ais
Glottolog nata1254[3]
Formosan languages 2008.png
(purple) Greater Ami. Nataoran and Sakizaya are in the north.

Amis is the biggiest Taiwanese indigenous group.

There are five dialects in Amis.[2] One of them located in the northernmost is Nanshi Amis, also called Nataoran language.

Sakizaya is a different ethnic group from Amis. After Takobowan Incident in 1876, Sakizaya people hided in between Nataoran Amis, thus, Sakizaya language was categorize as one of the Amis dialects.

ALCD of NCCU corrected this mistake, when they were editing aboriginal language textbooks in 2002. Therefore, there were both Nataoran Sakizaya [3] (it was called Chilai Amis then, now corrected as Sakizaya language) version that year.[4]

2007, Taiwanese government officially identified Sakizaya as an independent ethnic group, the thirteenth Taiwanese indigenous people groups.[5]

There are 913 people registered as Sakizaya people.[4] They are now living in Takubuwan, Sakur, Maifor, Kaluluwan communities. In fact, there are thousands of them, but most of them are still registered as Amis, not correcting as Sakizaya people. Around half of Amis politicians in Hualian, the biggest Amis city, are actually Sakizaya people now.


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