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Liáng (梁)
Leung Writing.svg
Meaning"a beam", "a bridge", "an elevation", or "a mast"
Other names
Variant(s)Leung, Leong, Lyang, Yang, Nio, Neo
Transliteration Regions
Liang China, Indonesia, Malaysia
Leung Hong Kong
Leong Macau, Malaysia, Singapore
Liong Indonesia, Foochow
Neo/Nio/Niu Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan
Ryang, Yaung, Lyang Japan
Ryang(량) Korea
Lương Vietnam
Diang(son, zon) Philippines

Liang (Romanization used in China, Chinese: ) is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin. Meaning "a beam", "a bridge", or "an elevation", or "a mast",[1] the surname is often transliterated as Leung (in Hong Kong) or Leong (in Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore) according to its Cantonese and Hakka pronunciation, Neo / Nio / Niu (Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan), or Liong (Foochow). To Indonesia, it is known as Liang or Nio. It is also common in Korea, where it is written Yang 양 or Ryang 량 . In Vietnam, it's pronounced as Lương.


The first Liang was Liang Kang (梁康)and was conferred the title "Bo" or "伯" (third ranking noble- equivalent to a Count or Earl) who was the ruler of the State of Liang, in what is now Shaanxi Province in the northwestern part of China. He was a younger son of Qin Zhong (秦仲- ancestor to the Qin Duchy and subsequent Qin Dynasty)who was killed in battle against barbarians to the west (西戎)in the service of the Zhou emperor. Liang Kang, amongst the five sons of Qin Zhong requested assistance from the Zhou emperor to retaliate and triumphed. The eldest son inherited the Qin state with the younger son being conferred the State of Liang and became the first Liang- henceforth also known as Liang Bo (梁伯 Count of Liang).

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