Live at Beyond Baroque

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Live at Beyond Baroque
Live at Beyond Baroque.jpg
Live album by Viggo Mortensen
Released October, 1999
Recorded March 4, 1999
Genre Spoken word
Label Smart Art Press
Viggo Mortensen chronology
One Man's Meat
Live at Beyond Baroque

Live at Beyond Baroque is the first live album performed by Viggo Mortensen, released in 1999. The album was recorded at the literary space Beyond Baroque in Venice, California, and is currently out of print and extremely difficult to find.

The album features the collaborations and readings of Viggo Mortensen, his ex-wife Exene Cervenka, Tom Patchett, Karen Finley, and Jerry Stahl. It includes songs from his second album One Less Thing to Worry About and five new songs.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bedtime Story for Henry"   2:39
2. "Chaco"   0:11
3. "Clear"   0:41
4. "Edit"   0:27
5. "For Sandy Dennis"    
6. "Hillside"    
7. "Home"    
8. "Isadore Demsky"    
9. "Keepsake"    
10. "Matinee"   0:17



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