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Miss Monaco or Miss Monte Carlo is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Monaco.[citation needed] The pageant was held several times in the 1950s, with the 1953 winner, Elizabeth Chovisky, placing 4th runner-up at Miss World 1953 as Miss Monte Carlo. In intervening years, contestant winners went on to compete in various unofficial Europe-wide contests. Not all winners are documented.

In 2015 the preselection of contestants for the new edition of the Miss Monaco beauty pageant has started.


The results of the "unofficial" Miss Europe pageant, also known as the Miss Europa pageant, are poorly documented, But Miss Monaco placed in some years. The Miss Europa pageant was organized by the Comité Officiel et International Miss Europe, and the Mondial Events Organisation, which ran the official Miss Europe pageant until 2002, filed suit against the organization in 2000 over the pageant name.[1]

Year Miss Monaco Placement Notes
1953 Elizabeth Chovisky 4th Runner-up at Miss World 1953 Competed at Miss World and Miss Europe as Miss Monte Carlo
1955 Josette Travers
1973 Veronique Mercier[2] 2nd Runner-up unofficial Miss Europe (Miss Europa[1]) 1973
1974 Dany Coutelier[3] 3rd Runner-up Unofficial Miss Europe (Miss Europa[1]) 1974
1976 Danielle Payan[4] 4th Runner-up, Unofficial Miss Europe (Miss Europa[1]) 1976
2014 Hannah Mathews[citation needed]


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