Miss Cayman Islands

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Miss Cayman Islands
Motto Dynamic and Compelling Extravaganza
Formation 1977
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters George Town
Miss World
Miss Universe
Official language
Derri Dacres-Lee
Key people
Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Ministry of Tourism, CI
Website misscaymanpageant.com

Miss Cayman Islands is a national beauty pageant in Cayman Islands. It selects the country's entrants in the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.


In 1977 the first ever Miss Cayman Islands Pageant began an annual tradition that would become the most highly anticipated national event. For 30+ years Cayman has crowned some of the most intelligent, poised and beautiful women to be representatives for our country. This event is just one of many traditions to showcase our national pride and has truly evolved into a powerful organisation. The Miss Cayman pageant supports opportunities for young women to become true ambassadors locally and internationally for The Cayman Islands.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Cayman Islands represents her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

  • Both means Miss Universe and Miss World.

In 2018 the Miss Cayman Islands has only franchised the Miss Universe license.

Year Miss Cayman Islands Hometown Miss Universe Cayman Islands Miss World Cayman Islands
1977 Patricia Jane Jackson-Patiño George Town - Patricia Jane Jackson-Patiño
1978 Wendy Lorraine Daykin George Town - Wendy Lorraine Daykin
1979 Jennifer Pearl Jackson George Town - Jennifer Pearl Jackson
1980 Delia Devon Walter George Town Delia Devon Walter
Miss Congeniality
Delia Devon Walter
1981 Donna Marie Myrie George Town Donna Marie Myrie Donna Marie Myrie
1982 Maureen Theresa Lewis George Town Maureen Theresa Lewis
Miss Congeniality
Maureen Theresa Lewis
Top 15
1983 Effie Ebanks George Town Effie Ebanks Effie Ebanks
1984 Thora Ann Crighton George Town Thora Ann Crighton Thora Ann Crighton
1985 Emily Yvette Hurlston George Town Emily Yvette Hurlston Emily Yvette Hurlston
1986 Deborah Cridland George Town - Deborah Cridland
1987 Désirée Ann Hunter George Town - Désirée Ann Hunter
1988 Carol-Ann Balls George Town - Melissa McTaggart
1989 Tricia Rose Whittaker George Town Carol-Ann Balls Michelle Garcia
1990 Bethea Christian George Town Tricia Rose Whittaker Bethea Michelle Christian
1991 Yvette Peggy Jordison George Town Bethea Michelle Christian Yvette Peggy Jordison
1992 Pamela Joanne Ebanks George Town Yvette Peggy Jordison Pamela Joanne Ebanks
1993 Audry Elizabeth Ebanks George Town Pamela Joanne Ebanks Audry Elizabeth Ebanks
1994 Anita Lilly Bush George Town Audry Elizabeth Ebanks Anita Lilly Bush
Continental Queen of Beauty
1995 Tasha Ebanks George Town Anita Lilly Bush Tasha Ebanks
1996 No Miss Cayman Islands 1996 contest - Tasha Ebanks -
1997 Cassandra Powell George Town - Cassandra Powell
1998 Gemma Marie McLaughlin George Town - Gemma Marie McLaughlin
1999 Mona Lisa Tatum George Town Gemma Marie McLaughlin Mona Lisa Tatum
2000 Jacqueline Bush George Town Mona Lisa Tatum Jacqueline Bush
2001 Shannon McLean George Town Jacqueline Bush Shannon McLean
2002 No Miss Cayman Islands 2002 contest - Shannon McLean -
2003 Nichelle Antoinette Welcome George Town Nichelle Antoinette Welcome Nichelle Antoinette Welcome
2004 Stacey-Ann Rose Kelly George Town Stacey-Ann Rose Kelly Stacy Ann-Rose Kelly
2005 No Miss Cayman Islands 2005 contest - - -
2006 Ambuyah Ruth Ebanks George Town Ambuyah Ruth Ebanks Ambuyah Ruth Ebanks
Top 27 Miss Sport - Miss World 2006
2007 Rebecca Parchment George Town - Rebecca Parchment
2008 Nicosia Lawson George Town Rebecca Parchment Nicosia Lawson
Top 18 Miss Talent - Miss World 2008
2009 No Miss Cayman Islands 2009 contest - Nicosia Lawson -
2010 Cristin Alexander George Town - Cristin Alexander
2011 Lindsay Japal George Town Cristin Alexander Lindsay Japal
Top 20 Miss Talent - Miss World 2011
2012 No Miss Cayman Islands 2012 contest - Lindsay Japal -
2013 No Miss Cayman Islands 2013 contest - - -
2014 No Miss Cayman Islands 2014 contest - - -
2015 Tonie Chisholm[1] North Side Tonie Chisholm -
2016 Monyque Brooks[2] George Town Monyque Brooks Monyque Brooks
Top 24 Miss Sport - Miss World 2016
2017 Anika Conolly[3] West Bay Anika Conolly Kristin Amaya
2018 Caitlin Tyson Grand Cayman Caitlin Tyson
Kelsie Woodman-Bodden


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