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The following table indicates party affiliation in the State of Vermont:

It also indicates historical composition:


The parties are as follows:   Anti-Masonic (AM),   Democratic (D),   Democratic-Republican (DR),   Federalist (F),   Independent (I),   Non-partisan (N),   National Republican (NR), National Union (NU),   Republican (R),   Vermont Progressive (VP),   Whig (W), and   Coalition.

Year Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State Attorney General State Treasurer State Auditor State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House
1778 Thomas Chittenden (N)[1] Joseph Marsh (N)[1] Not elected No office Ira Allen (N)[1] Not elected no representation in Congress no electoral votes
1779 Benjamin Carpenter (N)[1]
1781 Elisha Payne (N)[1]
1782 Paul Spooner (N)[1]
1786 Samuel Mattocks (N)[1]
1787 Joseph Marsh (N)[1]
1789 Moses Robinson (N)[1]
1790 Thomas Chittenden (N)[1] Peter Olcott (N)[1] Samuel Hitchcock
1791 Thomas Chittenden (N) Moses Robinson (D-R) Stephen R. Bradley (AA) 2AA
1792 George Washington and John Adams (I) Green tickY
1793 Daniel Buck
1794 Jonathan Hunt (N)[1]
1795 vacant Elijah Paine (F) 1D-R, 1F
1796 Paul Brigham (DR) John Adams and Thomas Pinckney (F) Green tickY
1797 Paul Brigham (DR) vacant No office Isaac Tichenor (F)
Isaac Tichenor (F) Paul Brigham (DR) Nathaniel Chipman (F)
1800 Benjamin Swan (I) John Adams and Charles C. Pinckney (F) Red XN
1802 Stephen R. Bradley (D-R)
1803 Israel Smith (D-R) 3F, 1D-R
1804 Thomas Jefferson and George Clinton (DR) Green tickY
1805 2D-R, 2F
1807 Israel Smith (DR)
1808 Isaac Tichenor (F) Jonathan Robinson (D-R) James Madison and George Clinton (DR) Green tickY
1809 Jonas Galusha (DR) 3F, 1D-R
1811 3D-R, 1F
1812 James Madison and Elbridge Gerry (DR) Green tickY
1813 Martin Chittenden (F) William Chamberlin (F) 6D-R
1815 Jonas Galusha (DR) Paul Brigham (DR) Isaac Tichenor (F) 6F
1816 James Monroe and Daniel D. Tompkins (DR) Green tickY
1817 6D-R
1820 Richard Skinner (DR) William Cahoon (DR)
1821 Horatio Seymour (NR)
1822 Aaron Leland (DR)
1823 Cornelius P. Van Ness (DR) 5D-R
1824 John Quincy Adams and John C. Calhoun (DR) Green tickY
1825 4NR, 1J
1826 Ezra Butler (NR)
1827 Henry Olin (DR) 5NR
1828 Samuel C. Crafts (NR) John Quincy Adams and Richard Rush (NR) Red XN
1829 4NR, 1AM
1830 Mark Richards (NR)
1831 William A. Palmer (AM) Lebbeus Egerton (AM) 3NR, 2AM
1832 William Wirt and Amos Ellmaker (AM) Red XN
1833 Augustine Clark (AM) Benjamin Swift (NR)
1835 vacant Silas H. Jennison (W/AM)
1836 Silas H. Jennison (W)[2] David M. Camp (W) William Henry Harrison and Francis Granger (W) Red XN
1837 vacant 3W, 1D, 1AM
1838 Henry F. Janes (W)
1839 Samuel S. Phelps (W) 2W, 2D, 1AM
1840 William Henry Harrison and John Tyler (W) Green tickY
1841 Charles Paine (W) Waitstill R. Ranney (W) John Spaulding (W) 4W, 1AM
1843 John Mattocks (W) Horace Eaton (W) 3W, 1D
1844 William Slade (W) Henry Clay and Theodore Frelinghuysen (W) Red XN
1846 Horace Eaton (W) Leonard Sargeant (W) Elisha P. Jewett (W)
1847 George Howes (W)
1848 Carlos Coolidge (W) Robert Pierpoint (W) Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore (W) Green tickY
1850 Charles K. Williams (W) Julius Converse (W)
1851 Solomon Foot (R)
1852 Erastus Fairbanks (W) William C. Kittredge (W) Winfield Scott and William A. Graham (W) Red XN
1853 John S. Robinson (D) Jefferson P. Kidder (D) John A. Page (D) 3W
1854 Stephen Royce (R) Ryland Fletcher (R) Henry M. Bates (R)
1855 1R, 1W, 1O
1856 Ryland Fletcher (R) James M. Slade (R) 29R, 1D 157R, 30A, 28D, 12 vac. John C. Fremont and William L. Dayton (R) Red XN
1857 30R 227R, 8D, 4 vac. 3R
1858 Hiland Hall (R) Burnam Martin (R) 200R, 30D, 2?, 7 vac.
1859 29R, 1D 190R, 38D, 1 Abol., 1W, 9 vac.
1860 Erastus Fairbanks (R) Levi Underwood (R) John B. Page (R) 30R 199R, 32D, 3I, 1W, 4 vac. Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin Green tickY
1861 Frederick Holbrook (R) 29R, 1D 210R, 25D, 2I, 3 vac.
1862 Paul Dillingham (R/NU) 30R 200R, 17D, 5 vac.
1863 J. Gregory Smith (R) R Majority
1864 224R, 14D, 2 vac. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson Green tickY
1865 Paul Dillingham (R) Abraham B. Gardner (R) 212R, 19D, 2 vac.
1866 John A. Page (R) 213R, 11D, 4 vac. George F. Edmunds (R)
1867 John B. Page (R) Stephen Thomas (R) 224R, 13D, 3 vac.
1868 29R, 1 Cons. 213R, 25D, 3 vac. Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax (R) Green tickY
1869 Peter T. Washburn (R)[3] George Whitman Hendee (R) 30R 224R, 15D, 2 vac.
1870 George Whitman Hendee (R) vacant 210R, 24D, 1 Cons., 1?, 5 vac.
John W. Stewart (R) George N. Dale (R)
1871 28R, 2D 208R, 25D, 1 Cons., 1?, 6 vac.
1872 Julius Converse (R) Russell S. Taft (R) Ulysses S. Grant and Henry Wilson (R) Green tickY
1873 30R 216R, 16D, 7 Lib. R, 2 vac.
1874 Asahel Peck (R) Lyman G. Hinckley (R)
1875 29R, 1D 174R, 50D, 8 Lib. R, 4I, 5 vac.
1876 Horace Fairbanks (R) Redfield Proctor (R) Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler (R) Green tickY
1877 30R 205R, 31D, 5 vac.
1878 Redfield Proctor (R) Eben Pomeroy Colton (R)
1879 29R, 1D 175R, 45D, 6GB, 5I, 10 vac. 2R, 1GB
1880 Roswell Farnham (R) John L. Barstow (R) James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur (R) Green tickY
1881 30R 217R, 19D, 1GB, 1I, 3 vac. 3R
1882 John L. Barstow (R) Samuel E. Pingree (R) William H. DuBois (R)
1883 28R, 2D 183R, 47D, 3ID, 2GB, 1I, 5 vac. 2R
1884 Samuel E. Pingree (R) Ebenezer J. Ormsbee (R) George Nichols (R) E. Henry Powell (R) James G. Blaine and John A. Logan Red XN
1885 Charles W. Porter (R) 27R, 3D 195R, 35D, 4GB, 3I, 1IR, 1 Proh., 2 vac.
1886 Ebenezer J. Ormsbee (R) Levi K. Fuller (R)
1887 29R, 1D 206R, 29D, 1I, 1ID, 1IR, 1 Proh. R, 2 vac.
1888 William P. Dillingham (R) Urban A. Woodbury (R) Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton (R) Green tickY
1889 30R 219R, 19D, 1ID, 1I, 4 vac.
1890 Carroll S. Page (R) Henry A. Fletcher (R) Chauncey W. Brownell (R) Henry F. Field (R)
1891 29R, 1D 172R, 62D, 2I, 2 Pop., 1ID, 3 vac.
1892 Levi K. Fuller (R) F. Stewart Stranahan (R) Franklin D. Hale (R) Redfield Proctor (R) Benjamin Harrison and Whitelaw Reid (R) Red XN
1893 30R 200R, 40D, 1 Pop., 2 vac.
1894 Urban A. Woodbury (R) Zophar M. Mansur (R)
1895 228R, 11D, 1I, 1 Pop., 3 vac.
1896 Josiah Grout (R) Nelson W. Fisk (R) William McKinley and Garret Hobart (R)
1897 224R, 19D, 1I, 1 Pop., 1 vac.
1898 Edward Curtis Smith (R) Henry C. Bates (R) Fred A. Howland (R) John L. Bacon (R) Orion M. Barber (R)
1899 203R, 41D, 1I, 1 Proh.
1900 William W. Stickney (R) Martin F. Allen (R) William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (R)
1901 196R, 48D, 1ID, 1 vac.
1902 John G. McCullough (R) Zed S. Stanton (R) Frederick G. Fleetwood (R) Horace F. Graham (R)
1903 25R, 5D 192R, 48D, 1ID, 1 Lab., 4 vac.
1904 Charles J. Bell (R) Charles H. Stearns (R) Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks (R)
1905 30R 206R, 33D, 3I, 2ID, 1 Cit.
1906 Fletcher D. Proctor (R) George H. Prouty (R) Clarke C. Fitts (R) Edward H. Deavitt (R)
1907 199R, 35D, 6I, 2 Fus., 1ID, 1 Pop., 1 Proh., 1 vac.
1908 George H. Prouty (R) John A. Mead (R) Guy W. Bailey (R) John G. Sargent (R) John Wolcott Stewart (R) William H. Taft and James S. Sherman (R)
1909 28R, 2D 201R, 29D, 3I, 3IR, 2 vac. Carroll S. Page (R)
1910 John A. Mead (R) Leighton P. Slack (R)
1911 30R 194R, 47D, 2I, 1ID, 1IR, 1 Roos.
1912 Allen M. Fletcher (R) Frank E. Howe (R) Rufus E. Brown (R) William H. Taft and Nicholas Murray Butler (R)
1913 27R, 3D 147R, 56D, 22 Prog., 7 Prog. R, 3IR, 2I, 2I Prog., 1ID, 1 Lab., 1 Prog. D, 1 Proh., 3 vac.
1915 Charles W. Gates (R) Hale K. Darling (R) Herbert G. Barber (R) Walter F. Scott (R) 30R 175R, 32D, 24 Prog., 4 Prog. R, 4I, 2ID, 2IR, 2 Lab. R, 1I Prog.
1916 Charles Evans Hughes and Charles W. Fairbanks (R)
1917 Horace F. Graham (R) Roger W. Hulburd (R) Frederick G. Fleetwood (R) Benjamin Gates (R) 195R, 42D, 5I, 2IR, 1S, 1 vac.
1919 Percival W. Clement (R) Mason S. Stone (R) Harry A. Black (R) Frank C. Archibald (R) 29R, 1D 212R, 25D, 5I, 4IR, 1 vac.
1920 Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge (R)
1921 James Hartness R) Abram W. Foote (R) 216R, 22D, 5I, 2IR, 1ID
1923 Redfield Proctor, Jr. (R) Franklin S. Billings (R) Thomas H. Cave (R) 30R 203R, 37D, 5I, 1ID, 1IR, 1 vac. Frank L. Greene (R) Porter H. Dale (R)
1924 Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes (R)
1925 Franklin S. Billings (R) Walter K. Farnsworth (R) Aaron H. Grout (R) 214R, 29D, 5I
1926 J. Ward Carver (R)[4]
1927 John E. Weeks (R) Hollister Jackson (R) Rawson C. Myrick (R) 217R, 29D, 1ID, 1I
1928 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R)
1929 Stanley C. Wilson (R) 29R, 1D 224R, 19D, 4I, 1ID
1931 Stanley C. Wilson (R) Benjamin Williams (R) Lawrence C. Jones (R) 27R, 3D 210R, 34D, 3I, 1ID Frank C. Partridge (R)
Warren R. Austin (R)
1933 Charles Manley Smith (R) 26R, 4D 200R, 38D, 8I, 2IR Ernest Willard Gibson (R)
1934 Ernest Willard Gibson (R) Charles A. Plumley (R)
1935 Charles Manley Smith (R) George David Aiken (R) 23R, 7D 193R, 48D, 6I, 3IR
1936 Alf Landon and Frank Knox (R)
1937 George David Aiken (R) William Henry Wills (R) 22R, 8D 203R, 39D, 4I, 2IR
1939 25R, 5D 204R, 31D, 9I, 1ID, 1IR
1940 Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. (R) Wendell Willkie and Charles L. McNary (R)
1941 William Henry Wills (R) Mortimer R. Proctor (R) Alban J. Parker (R) David V. Anderson (R) 22R, 8D 197R, 37D, 9I, 3IR George David Aiken (R)
1943 Levi R. Kelly (R) 28R, 2D 206R, 28D, 8I, 4IR
1944 Thomas E. Dewey and John Bricker (R)
1945 Mortimer R. Proctor (R) Lee E. Emerson (R) 23R, 7D 213R, 23D, 9I, 1IR
1947 Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. (R) Helen F. Burbank (R) Clifton G. Parker (R) 27R, 3D 209R, 28D, 5I, 4IR Ralph E. Flanders (R)
1948 Thomas E. Dewey and Earl Warren (R)
1949 Harold J. Arthur (R) Howard E. Armstrong (R) George H. Amindon (R) 24R, 6D 208R, 33D, 4I, 1IR
1950 Harold J. Arthur (R) vacant
1951 Lee E. Emerson (R) Joseph B. Johnson (R) 29R, 1D 216R, 22D, 5I, 3IR Winston L. Prouty (R)
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon (R)
1953 F. Elliot Barber (R) 27R, 3D 223R, 18D, 5I
1955 Joseph B. Johnson (R) Consuelo N. Bailey (R) Robert T. Stafford (R) 23R, 7D 221R, 25D
1957 Robert T. Stafford (R) Frederick M. Reed (R) 24R, 6D 212R, 33D, 3I
1959 Robert T. Stafford (R) Robert S. Babcock (R) 22R, 8D 200R, 46D Winston L. Prouty (R) William H. Meyer(D)
1960 Thomas M. Debevoise (R) Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (R)
1961 F. Ray Keyser, Jr. (R) Ralph A. Foote (R) 23R, 7D 190R, 50D, 6I Robert T. Stafford(R)
1962 Charles J. Adams (R)
1963 Philip H. Hoff (D) Charles E. Gibson (R) 21R, 9D 193R, 45D, 5I, 2IR, 1ID
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey (D)
1965 John J. Daley (D) Harry H. Cooley (D) John P. Connan (D) Peter J. Hincks (D)[3] Jay H. Gordon (D) 17R, 13D 195R, 50D, 1I
1966 24R, 6D 135R, 15D
1967 James L. Oakes (R) 22R, 8D 93R, 55D, 2I
1968 Madelyn Davidson (D) Richard M. Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R)
1969 Deane C. Davis (R) Thomas L. Hayes (R) Richard C. Thomas (R) Jim Jeffords (R) Frank H. Davis (R) Robert T. King (R) 100R, 50D
1971 John S. Burgess (R) Alexander V. Acebo (R) 96R, 54D Robert T. Stafford (R) Richard W. Mallary (R)
1973 Thomas P. Salmon (D) Kimberly B. Cheney (R) 23R, 7D 91R, 57D, 1ID, 1I
1975 Brian D. Burns (D) M. Jerome Diamond (D) Stella Hackel (D) 18R, 12D 78R, 68D, 2ID, 2I[5] Patrick Leahy (D) Jim Jeffords (R)
1976 Gerald Ford and Bob Dole (R)
1977 Richard A. Snelling (R) T. Garry Buckley (R) James A. Guest (D) Emory A. Hebard (R) 21R, 9D 75R, 73D, 1ID, 1I[6]
1979 Madeleine M. Kunin (D) 20R, 10D 79R, 69D, 2I[7]
1980 Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (R)
1981 Jim Douglas (R) John J. Easton, Jr. (R) 16R, 14D 84R, 63D, 2I, 1?
1983 Peter Plympton Smith (R) 17R, 13D 84R, 65D, 1I
1985 Madeleine M. Kunin (D) Jeffrey L. Amestoy (R) 18D, 12R 77R, 72D, 1I[8]
1987 Howard Dean (D) 75D, 74R, 1I
1988 George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R)
1989 Paul W. Ruse Jr. (D) 16D, 14R 76D, 74R Jim Jeffords (R) Peter Plympton Smith (R)
1991 Richard A. Snelling (R) 15D, 15R[9] 75R, 73D, 2VP[10] Bernie Sanders (I)
1992 Howard Dean (D) vacant Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D)
1993 Barbara W. Snelling (R) Donald M. Hooper (D) Edward S. Flanagan (D) 16R, 14D 87D, 57R, 4I, 2VP
1995 James F. Milne (R) Jim Douglas (R) 18R, 12D 86D, 61R, 2VP, 1I
1997 Douglas A. Racine (D) William Sorrell (D)[4] 17D, 13R 89D, 57R, 3VP, 1I
1999 Deborah Markowitz (D) 77D, 66R, 4VP, 2I, 1 Lib.
2000 Al Gore and Joe Lieberman (D)
2001 Elizabeth M. Ready (D) 16D, 14R 83R, 62D, 4VP, 1I Jim Jeffords (I)
2002 82R, 63D, 4VP, 1I[11]
2003 Jim Douglas (R) Brian Dubie (R) Jeb Spaulding (D) 19D, 11R 73R, 70D, 4VP, 3I
2004 John Kerry and John Edwards (D)
2005 Randy Brock (R) 21D, 9R 83D, 60R, 6VP, 1I
2007 Thomas M. Salmon (D) 23D, 7R 93D, 49R, 6VP, 2I Bernie Sanders (I) Peter Welch (D)
2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D)
2009 Thomas M. Salmon (R) 95D, 48R, 5VP, 2I
2011 Peter Shumlin (D) Phil Scott (R) Jim Condos (D) Beth Pearce (D) 20D, 8R, 2VP 94D, 48R, 5VP, 3I
2013 Doug Hoffer (D) 20D, 7R, 3VP 96D, 45R, 5VP, 4I
2015 18D, 9R, 3VP 85D, 53R, 6VP, 6I
2016 Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (D)
2017 Phil Scott (R) David Zuckerman (VP) T.J. Donovan (D) 21D, 7R, 2VP 83D, 53R, 7VP, 7I
Year Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State Attorney General State Treasurer State Auditor State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress

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  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l Represented the Vermont Republic.
  2. ^ During his lieutenant governorship, no governor was elected, and Jennison became acting governor. In 1836, he was elected governor.
  3. ^ a b Died in office.
  4. ^ a b Appointed to fill vacancy.
  5. ^ A Democrat, Timothy J. O'Connor, Jr., was elected as Speaker. [1]
  6. ^ A Democrat, Timothy J. O'Connor, Jr., was reelected as Speaker.
  7. ^ A Democrat, Timothy J. O'Connor, Jr., was reelected as Speaker.
  8. ^ A Democrat, Ralph G. Wright, was elected as Speaker. [2] [3]
  9. ^ Lt. Governor Howard Dean broke the tie, giving power to the Democrats
  10. ^ A Democrat, Ralph G. Wright, was reelected as Speaker.
  11. ^ Democrat Tim Ryan replaced Republican Tom McGrath on January 8, 2002.