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The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of Colorado:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For years in which a presidential election was held, the table indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes.

The parties are as follows:       Conservative Republican (CR),       Democratic (D),       no party (N),       Populist (P),       Republican (R),       Silver Republican (SR), and       a tie or coalition within a group of elected officials.

Year Executive offices General Assembly United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State Attorney General Treasurer State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House
1861 William Gilpin (N)[1][2] no such office Lewis Ledyard Weld (N) James E. Dalliba (R) no such bodies no such office Hiram Pitt Bennet (CR)[3] none
John Evans (N)[1][4] Samuel Hitt Elbert (N) Samuel E. Brown (R)
1865 Allen Alexander Bradford (R)[3]
Alexander Cummings (N)[5] George W. Chamberlain (R)
1866 Frank Hall (N)
1867 George Miles Chilcott (R)[3]
Alexander Cameron Hunt (N)[5]
1869 Allen Alexander Bradford (R)[3]
Edward M. McCook (N)[6][7] Henry C. Thatcher (R)
1871 Jerome Bunty Chaffee (R)[3]
Samuel Hitt Elbert (N)[6][8] vacant[9]
Edward M. McCook (N)[6] John W. Jenkins (N)
1875 Thomas M. Patterson (D)[3]
John Long Routt (N)[6] John Taffe (N)
1876 John Long Routt (R) Lafayette Head (R) William Clark (R) Henry M. Teller (R) Jerome B. Chaffee (R) James Burns Belford (R) Rutherford B. Hayes and Wm. Wheeler (R) Green tickY
1877 A.J. Sampson (R) Thomas M. Patterson (D)
1879 Frederick Walker Pitkin (R) Horace Austin Warner Tabor (R) Norman Meldrum (R) Charles W. Wright (R) Nathaniel P. Hill (R) James Burns Belford (R)
1880 James Garfield and Chester Arthur (R) Green tickY
1881 Charles H. Toll (R)
1882 George M. Chilcott (R)
1883 James Benton Grant (D) William H. Meyer (R) Melvin Edwards (R) David F. Urmy (R) Horace Tabor (R)
Thomas M. Bowen (R)
1884 James Blaine and John Logan (R) Red XN
1885 Benjamin Harrison Eaton (R) Peter W. Breene (R) Theodore H. Thomas (R) Henry M. Teller (R) George Gifford Symes (R)
1887 Alva Adams (D) Norman H. Meldrum (D) James Rice (R) Alvin Marsh (R)
1888 Benjamin Harrison and Levi Morton (R) Green tickY
1889 Job Adams Cooper (R) William Grover Smith (R) Samuel W. Jones (R) Edward O. Wolcott (R) Hosea Townsend (R)
1891 John Long Routt (R) William Story (R) Edward J. Eaton (R) Joseph H. Maupin (D)
1892 James Weaver and James Field (P) Red XN
1893 Davis Hanson Waite (P) David Hopkinson Nichols (P) Nelson O. McCless (P) Eugene Engley (D) 2P
1895 Albert Washington McIntire (R) Jared L. Brush (R) Albert B. McGaffey (R) Byron L. Carr (R) 1P, 1R
1896 William Jennings Bryan and Arthur Sewall (D) Red XN
1897 Alva Adams (D) Charles H.S. Whipple (D) Henry M. Teller (SR) 1P, 1SR
1899 Charles Spalding Thomas (D) Francis Patrick Carney (P) Elmer F. Beckwith (D) David M. Campbell (R)
1900 William Jennings Bryan and Adlai E. Stevenson I (D) Red XN
1901 James Bradley Orman (D) David Courtney Coates (D) David A. Mills (D) Charles C. Post (R) Thomas M. Patterson (D)
1902 Warren A. Haggott (R)
1903 James Hamilton Peabody (R) Jesse Fuller McDonald (R) James Cowie (R) Nathan C. Miller (R) Henry M. Teller (D) 2R, 1D
1904 3R Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Fairbanks (R) Green tickY
1905 Alva Adams (D)[10] Arthur Cornforth (D)
James Hamilton Peabody (R)[10] Jesse Fuller McDonald (R)
Jesse Fuller McDonald (R)[10] Fred W. Parks (R)
1907 Henry Augustus Buchtel (R) Erastus Harper (R) Timothy O'Connor (R) William H. Dickson (R) Simon Guggenheim (R)
1908 William Jennings Bryan and John W. Kern (D) Red XN
1909 John F. Shafroth (D) Stephen R. Fitzgarrald (D) James B. Pearce (D) John T. Barnett (D) Charles J. Hughes, Jr. (D) 3D
1911 Benjamin Griffith (R) vacant
1912 Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R. Marshall (D) Green tickY
1913 Elias M. Ammons (D) Fred Farrar (D) John F. Shafroth (D) Charles S. Thomas (D) 4D
1915 George Alfred Carlson (R) Moses E. Lewis (R) John E. Ramer (R) 3D, 1R
1917 Julius Caldeen Gunter (D) James A. Pulliam (D) James R. Noland (D) Leslie E. Hubbard (D)
1919 Oliver Henry Shoup (R) George Stepham (R) Victor E. Keyes (R) Lawrence C. Phipps (R) 3R, 1D
1920 Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge (R) Green tickY
1921 Earl Cooley (R) Carl Miliken (R) Samuel D. Nicholson (R)
1923 William Ellery Sweet (D) Robert F. Rockwell (R) Russel W. Fleming (D) Alva B. Adams (D)
1924 Wayne C. Williams (D) Rice W. Means (R) Calvin Coolidge and Charles Dawes (R) Green tickY
1925 Clarence Morley (R) Sterling Byrd Lacy (D) William Boatright (R)
1927 Billy Adams (D) George Milton Corlett (R) Charles Armstrong (R) Charles W. Waterman (R) 2R, 2D
1928 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R) Green tickY
1929 Robert E. Winbourn (R) 3R, 1D
1930 John S. Underwood (R)
1931 Edwin C. Johnson (D) Clarence L. Ireland (R) Edward P. Costigan (D)
1932 Walter Walker (D) Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner (D) Green tickY
1933 Edwin C. Johnson (D)[11] Ray Herbert Talbot (D) Paul P. Prosser (D) Karl C. Schuyler (R) 4D
1934 Alva B. Adams (D)
1935 James Carr (D)
1936 George Saunders (D) Byron G. Rogers (D)
1937 Ray Herbert Talbot (D)[12] vacant Edwin C. Johnson (D)
Teller Ammons (D) Frank J. Hayes (D)
1939 Ralph Lawrence Carr (R) John Charles Vivian (R)
1940 Wendell Willkie and Charles McNary (R) Red XN
1941 Walter Morrison (R) Gail L. Ireland (R) Eugene Millikin (R) 3R, 1D
1943 John Charles Vivian (R) William Eugene Higby (R) 4R
1944 Thomas Dewey and John Bricker (R) Red XN
1945 H. Lawrence Hinkley (R)
1947 William Lee Knous (D)[13] Homer L. Pearson (D) 3R, 1D
1948 Harry S Truman and Alben Barkley (D)
1949 Walter Walford Johnson (D) George Baker (D) John W. Metzger (D) 3D, 1R
Walter Walford Johnson (D)[12] Charles P. Murphy (R)
1951 Daniel I.J. Thornton (R) Gordon L. Allott (R) Duke W. Dunbar (R) 2D, 2R
1952 Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (R) Green tickY
1953 Homer Bruce (R)
1955 Edwin C. Johnson (D) Stephen L.R. McNichols (D) George Baker (D) Gordon L. Allott (R)
1957 Stephen L.R. McNichols (D)[14] Frank L. Hays (R) John A. Carroll (D)
1959 Robert Lee Knous (D) 3D, 1R
1960 Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (R) Red XN
1961 2D, 2R
1963 John Arthur Love (R)[15] Bryon A. Anderson (R) Peter H. Dominick (R)
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey (D) Green tickY
1965 4D
1967 Mark Anthony Hogan (R) 3D, 1R
1968 Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R) Green tickY
1969 39R, 26D
1971 John David Vanderhoof (R) 21R, 14D 38R, 27D 2D, 2R
1973 22R, 13D 37R, 28D Floyd K. Haskell (D) 3R, 2D
John David Vanderhoof (R) Ted L. Strickland (R)[12] John P. Moore (R)
1974 Mary Estill Buchanan (R)
1975 Richard Lamm (D) George L. Brown (D) J.D. MacFarlane (D) Sam Brown (D) 18R, 17D 39D, 26R Gary Hart (D) 3D, 2R
1976 Gerald Ford and Robert Dole (R) Red XN
1977 Roy Romer (D) 37R, 28D
1979 Nancy E. Dick (D) 22R, 13D 35R, 30D William L. Armstrong (R)
1980 Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (R) Green tickY
1981 39R, 26D
1983 Natalie Meyer (R) Duane Woodard (R) 21R, 14D 40R, 25D 3D, 3R
1985 23R, 12D 47R, 18D 4R, 2D
1987 Roy Romer (D) Mike Callihan (D) Duane Woodard (D)[16] Gail Schoettler (D) 40R, 25D Tim Wirth (D) 3R, 3D
1988 George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R) Green tickY
1989 22R, 13D 39R, 26D
1991 Gale Norton (R) 21R, 14D Hank Brown (R)
1992 Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D) Green tickY
1993 19R, 16D 34R, 31D Ben Nighthorse Campbell (D) 4R, 2D
1994 Samuel H. Cassidy (D)
1995 Gail Schoettler (D) Vikki Buckley (R)[17] Bill Owens (R) 41R, 24D Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R)
1996 Bob Dole and Jack Kemp (R) Red XN
1997 Wayne Allard (R)
1999 Bill Owens (R) Joe Rogers (R) Ken Salazar (D) Mike Coffman (R) 40R, 25D
Donetta Davidson (R)[18]
2000 George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (R) Green tickY
2001 18D, 17R 38R, 27D
2003 Jane E. Norton (R) 18R, 17D 37R, 28D 5R, 2D
2005 John Suthers (R) 18D, 17R 35D, 30R Ken Salazar (D)[19] 4R, 3D
Gigi Dennis (R)[20] Mark Hillman (R)[20]
Mike Coffman (R)[21]
2007 Bill Ritter (D) Barbara O'Brien (D) Mike Coffman (R)[22] Cary Kennedy (D) 20D, 15R 40D, 25R 4D, 3R
2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) Green tickY
2009 21D, 14R 38D, 27R Mark Udall (D) 5D, 2R
Bernie Buescher (D)[20] Michael Bennet (D)[18]
2011 John Hickenlooper (D) Joseph A. Garcia (D) Scott Gessler (R) Walker Stapleton (R) 20D, 15R 33R, 32D 4R, 3D
2013 37D, 28R
2014 18D, 17R[23]
2015 Wayne W. Williams (R) Cynthia Coffman (R) 18R, 17D 34D, 31R Cory Gardner (R)
Year Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State Attorney General Treasurer State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices General Assembly United States Congress


  1. ^ a b Territorial governor appointed by President Abraham Lincoln.
  2. ^ The territory was formed on February 28, 1861, but no governor was appointed until March 25, 1861. Gilpin himself did not arrive in the territory until May 27, 1861. Removed from office for improper financial drafts from the federal treasury.
  3. ^ a b c d e f Delegate from the Colorado Territory.
  4. ^ Resigned at the request, made July 18, 1865, of President Andrew Johnson following the Sand Creek Massacre.
  5. ^ a b Territorial governor appointed by President Andrew Johnson.
  6. ^ a b c d Territorial governor appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant.
  7. ^ Removed from office by petition.
  8. ^ Records show Elbert served "less than a year", but his successor was appointed on June 19, 1874, which was 14 months after Elbert took office.
  9. ^ Position was filled by the U.S. Attorney due to lack of funding by the territorial government.
  10. ^ a b c The 1904 election was rife with fraud and controversy. Adams took office, but soon afterwards the Republican-majority state legislature declared James Peabody to be the actual winner, on the condition that Peabody immediately resign. Since Peabody had been governor for a few moments before resigning, it was his lieutenant governor, Jesse McDonald, that succeeded to the governorship. In all, Colorado had three governors on March 17, 1905.
  11. ^ Resigned to take elected seat in the United States Senate.
  12. ^ a b c As lieutenant governor, filled unexpired term.
  13. ^ Resigned to take seat on the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.
  14. ^ Gubernatorial terms changed from two to four years during McNichols' term; his first term was two years, his second term was four years.
  15. ^ Resigned to become director of the Office of Energy Policy.
  16. ^ Entered office as a Republican but by 1990 had switched parties and become a Democrat.
  17. ^ Died in office, July 24, 2999.
  18. ^ a b Initially appointed to fill vacancy; later elected in his or her own right.
  19. ^ Resigned following appointment as United States secretary of the interior.
  20. ^ a b c Appointed to fill vacancy.
  21. ^ Resigned in 2005 in order to re-join the United States Marine Corps, with which he then served tour-of-duty in Iraq. Upon Coffman's resignation as treasurer, Governor Bill Owens appointed State Senator Mark Hillman to the office. Hillman served as treasurer until 2006, when Coffman returned from Iraq and was able to fulfill the duties of the office.
  22. ^ Elected in November 2008 to U.S. House representing Colorado's 6th congressional district.
  23. ^ Democrats Angela Giron (District 3) and John P. Morse (District 11) recalled.[1]

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