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Starring Cole Wright and Jade McCarthy
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes unknown
Location(s) Boston, Massachusetts
Running time 30 min., 60 min., or 120 min.
Original network NESN
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
720p (HDTV)
Original release 1991 – July 24, 2010
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SportsDesk is a former sports news television show that was shown every day on the New England Sports Network, United States. The last primary anchors were Cole Wright and Jade McCarthy. Various reporters included Kathryn Tappen, Heidi Watney, Naoko Funayama, and Jayme Parker on a rare basis. Frequent guests included Tony Massarotti, Dana Barros, James Murphy, and Shalise Manza Young. Mike Adams stopped by to play "Take It Or Leave It."

Air times[edit]

SportsDesk morning edition aired between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. The mid-day edition aired at noon. The live edition aired at 10 pm or following Boston Red Sox or Boston Bruins coverage. On July 24, 2010, SportsDesk aired its last live episode. The show was replaced by NESN Daily on August 5, 2010, hosted by Jade McCarthy and Uri Berenguer. Sportsdesk head anchor Cole Wright transitioned into a reporter role for the new show, but was dropped by the network in November 2010.


  • SportsDesk Lights Out (2007–2010)


  • Amy Stone (1991–1993) [1]
  • Kim Walden (1993–1994)
  • Dawn Mitchell (1993–1997)
  • Bob Rodgers (1993–2003)
  • Kristen Mastroianni (1996)
  • Jayme Parker (1997–2004)
  • Wendi Nix (2000)
  • Eric Frede(2002–2004)
  • Mike Perlow (2002–2006)
  • Tom Larson(2004)
  • Paul Devlin (2004–2006)
  • Hazel Mae(2004–2008)
  • John Chandler (2009–2010)
  • Cole Wright (2008–2010)
  • Jade McCarthy (2010)