Tramlink route 5

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Route 5
System Tramlink
Operator London Tramlink
Depot Therapia Lane
Locale Croydon, England
Start Crystal Palace
End West Croydon
Level Daily (six trams per hour)
Frequency About every 8 minutes (proposed)

Tramlink route 5 was a proposed tram route that would have been operated as part of the Tramlink network in south London. The route would have been operated by Transport for London.


The proposed route would have linked Harrington Road stop with Crystal Palace, and Crystal Palace directly with Beckenham Junction, both terminating at Crystal Palace Parade.[1] There were three options on how to get to the Parade: on-street, off-street and a mixture of the two. After consultation in 2006 the off-street option was favoured, with trams running along existing railway as far as Crystal Palace Station, and then running round the western edge of Crystal Palace Park (within the current park's perimeter) to the bus terminus near the parade. The planned extension was cancelled due to a lack of funding in 200. The plans were revived shortly after Boris Johnson's re-election as London mayor in May 2012 but six months later the plan was cancelled again.[2]

Current Route[edit]

A tram at the Beckenham Junction terminus for Route 2
Route 5 (proposed)

Then back to Penge Road

Then to East Croydon and back to Beckenham Junction or Crystal Palace


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