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The ankh is the symbol of the Universal Church of Truth.

The Universal Church of Truth is a star-spanning religious empire in Marvel Comics' fictional shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. Composed of diverse alien species, it first appeared in Strange Tales vol 1 #178 (February 1975), written by Jim Starlin.

In the original stories, its seat of government was Sirus X, also called Homeworld, in the Hercules star cluster.


The head of the Church and object of its worship was Adam Warlock's evil self, the Magus. The assistant to the Church leader is the Matriarch.

Doctrine is enforced through the Church's Black Knights, and matters of law are subject to a Grand Inquisitor.

Guardians of the Galaxy (1991)[edit]

The Church later appeared in a Guardians of the Galaxy storyline, where it was governed by the Protégé and controlled a large portion of the Milky Way. The Skrull heroine Replica was a devout member. She would later give herself to Protégé in order to save the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2008)[edit]

A different version of the church appeared in the second volume of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Thanos Imperative mini-series, and Annihilators: Earthfall miniseries. The church was responsible for resurrecting Thanos[1] and the Magus.[2]

In other media[edit]

  • Cardinal Raker, a church official, was a playable character in the Galactic Guardians set of Marvel HeroClix.[3]

See also[edit]

  • The Church of The Instrumentality in Dreadstar, also created by Jim Starlin


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