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===Clinical pathology===
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{{:Clinical pathology}}

==Forensic pathology==
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  WP:MOS Manual of Style Template:Fact {{unreferencedsection}}, {{Unreferenced|date=June 2009|article's section called "Childhood"}}

Use the following notation to add page number(s) to a ref

<ref name="Harris"> <nowiki>You may also use the templates X1 (reset), X2 (reset), X3 (reset), X4 (reset), X5 (reset), X6 (reset), X7 (reset), X8 (reset), and X9 (reset) for experimental purposes. To include a test template, use the form {{X1}} for template X1, {{X2}} for template X2, etc.

Personal editing reminders:

QUOTATION templates {{Quotation|The quoted material goes here. Then|Whoever said it|Source of the quote}} <blockquote style="background-color: #eee">The New Testament 31.26<blockquote>

{{bibleref2|2Samuel|1:1|RSV|2 Samuel 1:1}}

{{bibleref2|John|3:16-18||NKJV|John 3:16-18 NKJV}}


{{Cite quran|5|4|quote=quoted text}}

Category:External link templates See [[Baptism#Comparative summary|Baptism comparative summary]]).

Internal: Four [[Diabetes mellitus#Classification|related types]] of diabetes have been identified