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A little bit about me...


I am a bisexual male from the state of Connecticut in New England. I am living presently in Georgia with my handfasted spouse. I have been on Wikipedia now since November of 2005, and have contributed mostly as a wiki-gnome.

I am interested primarily in anything concerning History, Human sexuality, Monster movies of the 1940s-1970s, cooking, baking, British comedys, Science fiction, Mystery, and all things Gothic, Victorian and Steampunk. I support any and all LGBT activities and studies, and am very interested in all such articles.

The nickname of "Balin" came from Balin a famous Dwarf from the Lord of the Rings. I am also a confirmed Anglophile, and have a great interest in all things British. I also love to play the MMORPG game called Second Life.

About Me[edit]

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My Interests[edit]

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WikiProject Membership[edit]

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Achievement Awards[edit]

  • Burbaribbon.jpg Novice Editor: July 2006
  • Novatoribbon.jpg Apprentice Editor: August 2006
  • Grognardribbon.jpg Journeyman Editor: January 2007
  • Megrognardribbon.jpg Yeoman Editor: June 2008
  • Grognardexribbon.jpg Experienced & Established Editor: May 2012
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