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WatchKit is a framework provided by Apple in order to develop interfaces for Apple Watch applications.[1] In order to develop using WatchKit, more information and resources are provided by Apple in the WatchKit library.[2]

WatchKit contains all the classes that a WatchKit extension uses to develop an application.


WatchKit provides some classes for general purposes, as representing controllers, interfaces and alert actions.

  • WKAccessibilityImageRegion
  • WKAlertAction
  • WKExtension
  • WKImage
  • WKInterfaceController
  • WKUserNotificationInterfaceController
  • WKInterfaceDevice
  • WKPickerItem

Also provides support for file management, through the following classes:

  • WKAudioFileAsset
  • WKAudioFilePlayer
  • WKAudioFileQueuePlayer
  • WKAudioFilePlayerItem

And a set of classes that inherit from WKInterfaceObject and represents visual UI elements.

  • WKInterfaceButton
  • WKInterfaceDate
  • WKInterfaceGroup
  • WKInterfaceImage
  • WKInterfaceLabel
  • WKInterfaceMap
  • WKInterfaceMovie
  • WKInterfacePicker
  • WKInterfaceSeparator
  • WKInterfaceSlider
  • WKInterfaceSwitch
  • WKInterfaceTable
  • WKInterfaceTimer


WatchKit provides two protocols: WKExtensionDelegate and WKImageAnimatable. WKExtensionDelegate is intended to manage the behaviour of the WatchKit extension and WKImageAnimatable controls the playback of animated images.


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