Homophobia in the Black British community

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Homophobia in the Black British community is prevalent in the United Kingdom.[1][2] Many homosexuals in the black community get married or have significant others of the opposite sex to hide their sexuality.[3] In 1998 Justin Fashanu, a gay footballer killed himself after publicly coming out to his brother.[4][5][6] There is a lot of hate music written in the black community towards LGBT people; campaigns such as Stop Murder Music have tried to counteract this.[7][8] Much of the black community sees homosexuality as a 'white disease'.[3][9][10][11][12]

Many African immigrants to the United Kingdom feel like a double minority for being black and a homosexual which is believed keeping in the closet makes the situation worst.[13] Many Black British gays face not only being socially isolated from their communities but possible being assaulted.[14] Social critics are afraid to condemn black homophobia for fear of being accused of being racist.[15][16]


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