Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic College

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Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic College
Established 1957
Type College
Undergraduates B. Tech, B.Sc, B.Com, B.A
Postgraduates M.A, M.Com
Location India New Delhi, Delhi, India
Campus Urban
Nickname PGDAV College
Affiliations Delhi University
Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic College.jpg

Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic (P.G.D.A.V.) is a college in Delhi. Established in 1957, it is one of the premier colleges of the University of Delhi and is a part of its South Campus. It is known for its high standards in teaching. It offers courses at the Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels in various subjects. Situated on a prime location in Nehru Nagar (near VIMHANS Hospital) on the Ring Road, it ensures easy connectivity from all parts of Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.

The expansion of P.G.D.A.V. is Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic.


P.G.D.A.V. College was started in a modest way on 17 August 1957 by the D.A.V College Managing Committee, one of the biggest educational trust in the world. It started functioning in a small portion of D.A.V school on Chitragupta Road in Paharganj with a single digit number of teachers and double digit number of students. Progressing gradually in 1971, the college shifted to its own premises at a prime location between Lajpat Nagar and Ashram on the main ring road.



A well equipped computerized library, with more than 70,000 books, wide range of research journals and magazines along with internet facilities are available to all the students of the college.

Cultural Societies[edit]

The College has a very active cultural society named Hyperion. It resembles the cultural diversity in its structure, being composed of multiple different societies.

  • Information Technology Society - "Tech-Wiz" was established in year 2013. Members of Tech-Wiz deal with all technical projects for P.G.D.A.V. College.
  • Dramatics Society - "Rudra" with its famous street play "YEH GANDI BAAT HAI" won the prize for the best play at 2012 IIT MUMBAI festival - Mood Indigo, second best play at Kamla Nehru college, 3rd best play at Dyal Singh evening college, best play at Jamia Millia Islamia and second best play at Faculty of Management Studies. The Society came into controversy with its play 'Dilli Desh Hai' in 2011 pointing out the flaw in federal structure of India, which focused on metros and big cities at cost of smaller cities and towns. Money which is extracted from mines,resources of these places are being diverted to 'elite' cities of the nation, that too without guilt.
  • Western Music Society - "Conundrum" secured the first prize in the college band competition at Mood Indigo 2013 (IIT Bombay) apart from having won prizes at many other colleges including Kirori Mal College, Faculty of Law (Delhi), Dyal Singh College, SGND Khalsa College and JIMS (Rohini) the very same year.
  • Indian Music Society - "Raagaa"
  • Dance Society - "Diversity"
  • Intellectual Society - "Chanakya" The Intellectual Society is one of the prominent societies of Hyperion, which in itself holds 4 different societies, named:
  • The Grey Matter - Debating Society As the name resembles it means matters which cannot be classified under the stereotyped 'black' or white and holds debatable aspects.
  • Pencraft(Creative Writing)
  • Buzzer(Quiz Society)
  • Kavyamrit(Poetry) - Poetry forum was started in the year 2011.
  • Western Music Society - "Conundrum" Team saw its struggling days under Rijul Victor (famous drummer from Colossal Figure) and was established eventually by him.

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