A roads in Zone 3 of the Great Britain numbering scheme

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The numbering zones for A-roads in Great Britain

List of A roads in zone 3 in Great Britain starting west of the A3 and south of the A4 (roads beginning with 3).

Single- and double-digit roads[edit]

Road From To Length Notes
A3 The Monument, London Portsmouth 78 miles (126 km) A large majority is a trunk road. Its southern parallel motorway is designated the A3(M).
A30 Hounslow, West London Land's End 281 miles (452 km) Replaced for 6 miles (9.7 km) between Popham and the Bullington interchange by the A303 trunk road southwest of Basingstoke. A trunk road west of Exeter. Previously went via A343, Salisbury Road (old A343), B3042 (old A303), A3057, London Road (old B3400), B3400, and city streets (old A33) between Lopcombe Hill and Basingstoke, but this was changed as part of a renumbering of roads in the area. Replaced for 5 miles by M5 (J29 - J31) near Exeter.
A31 Guildford Bere Regis 68 miles (109 km) Near the M3 its Romsey and Winchester portion is replaced by:
• the J10 to J11, M3, Winchester
• The A3090 from J11 to Ower in the New Forest District — a winding route covering 11 miles (18 km) in 16 miles (26 km).
A32 Gosport Alton 29 miles (47 km) All in Hampshire
A33 Winchester Reading 39 miles (63 km) Resumes in Southampton as various roads such as the arterial road alongside Southampton Dock.
A34 Winchester Salford 157 miles (253 km) Most of the section between Oxford and Solihull is arguably the A44 and the A3400 however its modern course ends northeast to join the M40 from which the northern part of the road can be accessed after one junction of the M42 motorway. A trunk road to Oxford and between Stafford and Stoke on Trent.
A35 Southampton Honiton 98 miles (158 km) Originally went southwest from Charmouth to Clyst St Mary along what is now the A3052.
A36 Southampton Bath 62 miles (100 km)
A37 Dorchester Bristol 60 miles (97 km) Broken in two past the former Roman town of Ilchester by a bypass which is a small fraction of the A303
A38 Bodmin Mansfield 292 miles (470 km) Replaced by J27 to J31, M5 past Exeter. Replaced in Birmingham by a shorter parallel road into the city centre, the A38(M). A dual carriageway in South Devon, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. The longest 2-digit A road in the UK, at 292 miles.
A39 Newton Park near Bath Falmouth 191 miles (307 km)

Triple-digit roads[edit]

Road From To Notes
A300 Upper Thames Street, City of London Newington Causeway, near Elephant & Castle Southwark Bridge
A301 Aldwych St George's Circus Waterloo Bridge
A302 Hyde Park Corner, London Elephant & Castle In two parts. 1. The London Inner Ring Road at Grosvenor Place to the Victoria one way system. 2. Victoria Street, half of Parliament Square and then Bridge Street (Westminster Bridge), followed by part of Westminster Bridge Road (which replaced part of the A23) and finally St George's Road (one way (north-west)) past St George's Cathedral, Southwark).
A303 M3 J8 south of Basingstoke A30, between Newcott and Rawridge A303 was previously used for the road from County Hall, London to Wandsworth, which was renumbered to the new A3036 so that the number could be used on the current route which replaced the old A3036, the original A3079, and parts of other roads.
A304 Fulham Fulham The western part of the Fulham Road. Originally continued east via what is now the A308 and the A4 to the A4 (now the A315).
A305 East Sheen Hanworth The road used to continue west of the A312 to the A308 in Sunbury via what is now the A316.
A306 Hammersmith Roehampton Hammersmith Bridge closed to motor traffic from April 2019
A307 Kew Cobham The section between Kingston upon Thames and Cobham follows the course of the old A3, and is still mostly called Portsmouth Road.
A308 Brompton Maidenhead Exists in three sections, one from Brompton to Chelsea, the second from Chelsea to north of Putney Bridge, and the third from the Robin Hood junction at Kingston Vale to Maidenhead. The section from the A4 to the A3220 was originally part of the A304, and the section from the A3220 to A219 was originally part of the A3217. The section between Roehampton and Kingston upon Thames follows the course of the old A3.
A309 Twickenham Hook, London Runs in two sections, one in Twickenham and Teddington as a non primary road and a longer primary section from Hampton Court to Hook.
A310 Hampton Wick Brentford Runs from the Hampton Wick junction with the A308 at Kingston Bridge northwards via Teddington, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham and Isleworth to the junction with the A315 at Brentford.
A311 Hampton Twickenham
A312 Hampton Harrow The road has been dubbed "The A three-one-queue" owing to frequent peak-hours' heavy congestion. Part of its course ran from Hatton to Harlington, London across where Heathrow Airport is instead of its present course past Cranford more directly to north-east Hayes and districts further north including Harrow. Its middle section is officially known as The Parkway[1] The deleted section is now Faggs Road, Hatton Road (sections were lost under the airport), A437, Station Road, Coldharbour Lane, and Yeading Lane.
A313 Hampton Hill Teddington
A314 Hanworth Hounslow
A315 Knightsbridge East Bedfont Exists in two parts: one from Knightsbridge to the junction with the A4, North and South Circular Roads at Chiswick Roundabout, and the other from the north end of Kew Bridge to East Bedfont. The section in between is part of the South Circular Road
A316 Chiswick Start of M3 motorway (Sunbury-on-Thames)
A317 Hersham Chertsey
A318 Chertsey Byfleet
A319 Lightwater Chertsey
A320 Guildford Staines upon Thames
A321 Henley York Town near Camberley The road used to continue south of the A30 to the A323 in Ash via what is now the B3411. Before that, the road went southeast from Frimley Green via the following renumbered roads: B3012 (to Pirbright), A324 (through Pirbright), B3012 (to Fox Corner), and A322 (to Guildford).
A322 Bracknell Guildford
A323 Hartley Wintney Guildford
A324 Woking Normandy Originally, the road continued west concurrent with the A323 and then southwest via the current B3208.
A325 Bagshot Greatham
A326 Totton Fawley A326 was previously used for the road from Farnham to Petersfield (now part of the A325, with the southern portion now Petersfield Road, Farnham Road, B3006, and Farnham Road (the A3 was built over one section))
A327 Reading Farnborough
A328 Old Windsor Englefield Green
A329 Wentworth, Virginia Water Thame
A330 Maidenhead Sunningdale
A331 Camberley Runfold A331 was previously used for the road from Windsor to Ditton Park (now B470 and Ditton Road).
A332 Bagshot Slough
A333 Hazel Grove (A3 Junction) near Grayshott Hindhead Renumbered when the Hindhead Tunnel opened in July 2011 having been formerly part of the A3. A333 was previously used for the road from Winchester to Cosham until 1994 when it was downgraded to B3335, B3354, and B2177.
A334 Wickham Southampton
A335 Southampton Near Eastleigh This was intended to be the route for the M272. Formerly had a branch from the A335/B3335 junction to Twyford. This branch is now the B3335.
A336 Cadnam Totton
A337 Near Cadnam Christchurch
A338 Bournemouth Besselsleigh Originally went via what is now the B3087 and A345 from Burbage to Salisbury; this was changed during a road renumbering in the area.
A339 Alton Newbury
A340 Basingstoke Pangbourne
A341 Merley, (Poole) Red Hill Roundabout, Red Hill, Bournemouth A341 was previously used for the road from Winchester to Lopcombe Corner. The section west of Stockbridge became part of the A30 which was rerouted, while the remaining section became part of the A272 (now B3049) at the same time that the current A341 was created.
A342 Chippenham Andover Previously continued southeast to Winchester; this section was changed to the new A303 (now the B3402), an extension of the A3057 and the new B3420 (southern portion now part of the A272) as part of a renumbering due to the creation of the current A303.
A343 Newbury Lopcombe Corner, Winterslow
A344 Unused Ran from A360 to the Stonehenge visitor centre (became C506 in 2017). On 24 June 2013, the section the Stonehenge visitor centre to Stonehenge was closed to public traffic and the section from Stonehenge to the A303 was dug up and no longer exists. Previously, the road continued west to Heytesbury via what is now the A360 and B390. Before the A303 existed in the area, the road continued east via the current A303 to Andover.
A345 Marlborough Salisbury Formerly continued north via the current A346, A419, A4259, B4006, A4259, and B4311 to Swindon. Originally, the A345 went southeast from Marlborough via the current A346 to Ludgershall; this was changed in a road renumbering in the area.
A346 Ludgershall M4 J15 southeast of Swindon Follows A338 between Collingbourne Ducis and Burbage, then continues via Marlborough. A346 was previously used for the road from Collingbourne Ducis to the A303 south of Shipton Bellinger; this became part of the rerouted A338 in a road renumbering in the area, while the A346 number was reused on the old route of the A345.
A347 Ferndown Bournemouth
A348 Trickett's Cross Poole
A349 A31 in Wimborne Poole
A350 Poole M4 J17 north of Chippenham
A351 Lytchett Minster bypass Swanage via Corfe Castle
A352 Wareham bypass Sherborne
A353 Weymouth Warmwell
A354 Salisbury Isle of Portland Previously ran through town centres of Dorchester and Weymouth. Rerouted in Upwey along new alignment.
A355 Amersham Windsor A355 was previously used for the road from Sherborne to Blandford Forum (the western portion became part of an extended A352, the eastern portion became part of an extended A357, and the middle section was renumbered the A3030 to discourage through traffic)
A356 Bower Hinton Grimstone
A357 A371, near Wincanton Blandford Forum
A358 Williton east of Colyford Route passes through Taunton and Chard in Somerset. Between Taunton and Ilminster, it provides the main link between the A303 and the M5. Route previously went southeast from Ilminster via what is now the A303 and the A3088 to Yeovil; the route was changed south of Ilminster to the current routing as part of a renumbering due to the creation of the current A303.
A359 Yeovil Nunney
A360 Devizes Salisbury
A361 Ilfracombe Kilsby The section between Beckhampton and the A4289 in Swindon was renumbered the A4361 to discourage through traffic, and the section through Swindon is now A4289, Wood Street, B4289, Shrivenham Road, Stratton Road, and B4006. Through traffic should use the A4, A346, and A419 between Beckhampton and Swindon. At 195 miles (314 km) is the longest 3 digit A road in the UK. Before the North Devon link road opened, it went along unclassified roads to South Molton, and then northeast via what is now the B3227.
A362 Warminster Farrington Gurney
A363 Bathford Yarnbrook Previously continued south to Warminster; this section became part of the A350.
A364 Unused Previously a road between Yarnbrook and Chippenham. Now part of the A350. It was also proposed for the North Devon link road between Barnstaple and Bampton but that road was rerouted through Tiverton and opened as part of the A361 instead.
A365 Box A361 near Seend Via Atworth, Shaw, Melksham and Sells Green; originally joined the A350 through Melksham town centre but now both roads follow a western bypass.
A366 Trowbridge Ammerdown crossroads (near Radstock)
A367 Bath Shepton Mallet
A368 Marksbury Churchill, Somerset Formerly continued northeast to Bath, but this section became part of the A39.
A369 Portishead Bristol A369 was previously used for the road from Glastonbury to Marksbury (now part of the A39). Number reused later as an upgrade to the eastern half of the B3124.
A370 Bristol Near Brent Knoll
A371 Wincanton Weston-super-Mare
A372 Podimore, Yeovilton Bridgwater
A373 Honiton Cullompton Formerly continued north to Uffculme concurrent with the M5 and west to Tiverton via what is now A361, this section became part of its current routes when the freeway extension west of Tiverton was completed. Before the freeway was built, the A373 went west from Honiton to South Molton via what is now the B3181 spur, B3181 (old A38), A38, A361, Lower Town, Turnpike, High Street, Post Hill, Blundell's Road, A396, A3126, and B3137. Earlier, the road was routed on what is now South View Road and Willand Road from Willand to Halberton, but this became part of the B3391, while the A373 was concurrent with the A38 north to Uffculme and west on the old A373 spur to Halberton as shown above. Earlier the road continued east to Charmouth via the current A35 (then the A35 went west via the current A3052). Originally, the A373 went west to Ilfracombe, but that section became part of an extended A361.
A374 Marsh Mills, Plymouth Trerulefoot Runs through Union Street, Plymouth. Originally followed the current A38 between these points (though one section became the B3413 when the A38 bypass was built), while the A38 followed the current route; these routings were swapped later, moving these routes to their current routes. A374 was previously used for the road from Donyatt to Colyford; this became part of the A358 as part of a renumbering due to creation of the current A303.
A375 Honiton Sidmouth
A376 Exeter Exmouth
A377 Exeter Barnstaple
A378 Langport Taunton A378 was previously used for the road from A379 south of Exeter to the A38 (now A3015) in Pinhoe (became part of rerouted A38 (now the north spur of the A379), and the rest was declassified (became the B3182 shortly after that, now Old Rydon Lane), and the northern section became part of the B3181 (now Clyst Road, Sidmouth Road, and Moor Lane).
A379 Kennford Plymouth Formerly ran through St. Marychurch in Torquay passing coach station. Rerouted along Babbacombe Road (original B3199). Concurrent with A3022 between Torquay and Paignton. From 1991 to 1997, the sections of route between Dawlish and Torquay and through Goodrington were downgraded to B3199.
A380 Kennford Torbay Bypasses Kingskerswell on new South Devon Highway. Previously continued into Torquay town centre but rerouted along Torbay Ring Road (former A3022) to junction with A385 and A3022.
A381 Teignmouth Salcombe
A382 Newton Abbot East of Okehampton
A383 Newton Abbot Bickington
A384 Dartington Buckfastleigh Originally Totnes to near Launceston via Two Bridges (eastern section now part of A385; western section now part of B3157 and B3162)
A385 A380/A3022 near Paignton South Brent bypass Previously continued along present A3022 into Paignton town centre. Previously followed what is now Plymouth Rd west of Totnes.
A386 Plymouth Appledore
A387 Polbathic Polperro
A388 Saltash bypass Landcross
A389 Padstow Lanivet
A390 Tavistock Truro
A391 St Austell Lanivet
A392 St. Columb Road Newquay A392 was previously used for the road from Truro to northeast of Redruth; this became part of an extended A390 (which was later rerouted north), and the A392 was reused on the current routing as an upgrade of part of the B3279.
A393 Redruth Penryn bypass.
A394 Treliever Cross, Penryn Longrock, Ludgvan
A395 Trewassa[n 1] Tregadillett[n 2]
A396 Dunster Cowley
A397 Portsmouth Portsmouth A397 was previously used for the road from Halberton to Uffculme (became a spur of the A373, now Turnpike, Lower Town, A361, and part of the A38).
A398 Unused Previously a road between Taunton and South Molton (became part of the A361, now part of the B3227).
A399 South Molton bypass Ilfracombe

Four-digit roads (30xx)[edit]

Road From To Notes
A3000 Turnham Green Chiswick
A3001 Unused Ran from Ealing to Brentford (now B455).
A3002 Brentford Hanwell
A3003 Mortlake Barnes
A3004 Isleworth St Margarets
A3005 Southall Hounslow
A3006 Henleys Corner, Hounslow Hounslow
A3007 Richmond Richmond
A3008 Hampton Hampton
A3009 Esher Esher
A3010 Basingstoke Basingstoke
A3011 Farnborough A331 Section east of A331 now the B3166. Earlier, the road continued south to east of Ash (this became part of the A321, and is now part of the B3411).
A3012 Unused Ran from A3011 (now B3166) in North Camp to A321 in Ash Vale (now B3165/Stratford Road).
A3013 Farnborough Fleet Previously allocated to a road from Frimley Green to Ash Vale (became part of the A321, and is now part of the B3411)
A3014 Unused Ran from A321 (now B3411) to the A31 (now Oxenden Road) in Ash (now B3206 and Manor Road).
A3015 Sowton Exeter
A3016 Hale Hog Hatch
A3017 Unused Ran from the center of Windsor to the A308 in Windsor Great Park. Probably decommissioned in 1935 when the A332 was rerouted along then-B3022. Downgraded when the A332 Windsor bypass was built, with part of the route becoming the B3022; the section along King's Road was declassified.

Number later used for a road linking Hilsea and Portsmouth. Became the northern carriageway of the A3 after the M275 was built.

A3018 Unused Connected the then-A332 (now A3095) to the A331 west of Crowthorne. Became a spur of the A3095 in 1935 after the A332 was rerouted; route later downgraded and is now an eastern extension of the B3348.

Route later used for a loop off the eastern side of the A3017 in Portsmouth. Now the southern carriageway of the A3.

A3019 Unused Original link to the Royal Dockyards in Portsmouth; now unclassified.
A3020 Cowes Shanklin
A3021 East Cowes Newport
A3022 A380, Kingskerswell Brixham, Torbay Previously ran entire length of Torbay Ring Road but rerouted into Torquay (former A380) and along former A379 between Torquay and Paignton. Concurrent with A379 between Torquay and Paignton. Section past Paignton Zoo formerly part of A385.

An older A3022 existed on the Isle of Wight until 1935 when it became part of an extended A3054. It ran between Newport and Ryde, terminating at the pier.

A3023 Near Havant Hayling Island
A3024 Southampton Hedge End
A3025 Southampton Netley
A3026 Ludgershall North Tidworth
A3027 Staplegrove Taunton
A3028 Durrington A303 via Bulford
A3029 Bedminster Hotwells
A3030 Sherborne Lydlinch
A3031 Chelsea Embankment Battersea Park
A3032 Hare Hatch Charvil
A3033 Weston-super-Mare Uphill Originally the B3127, it previously terminated on the original A370 Locking Road. Although a bypass for the town centre, most traffic seeking to avoid the town centre uses the unclassified Winterstoke Road.
A3034 Unused Ran along York Road between the A36 and A38 in Bristol (now A370). Initially thought to have become an eastern extension of the A370 in 1935, a mid-1960s map shows the route as still A3034 and the 1974 AA Touring Guide to England shows the road as A3024 (a typo), meaning the route may have had its number until the 1970s; it is now likely that the change was in 1935, but was later reversed as some large scale OS maps from the 1940s and 1950s show the road as A370.

Number possibly later used along Queen Street in Maidenhead; possibly a typo for the A3064 or it may have been changed later on for some reason.

A3035 Southampton Southampton Common
A3036 County Hall, London Wandsworth A3036 was previously used for the road from South Petherton to A344 (now destroyed) near Stonehenge, which became part of the new A303, while the number was reused as a renumbering of the old A303. See also: Albert Embankment
A3037 Unused Ran from the A358 (later A303) to the A374 (now A358) in Ilminster. Declassified in 1988 due to completion of the Ilminster bypass and the declassification of the A303.
A3038 North Town, Taunton Rowbarton, Taunton
A3039 Bath Bath
A3040 Branksome Wallisdown
A3041 Unused Ran from the Devonport seafront to the A386. Decommissioned when the present A38 opened: the southernmost section is unclassified, the route through Stoke is now the B3396 and the section from Milehouse to Hartley is now a rerouted A386.
A3042 Unused Ran from the A389 (later A38, now A374) in Devonport to the A387 (later A388, now A3064) in Keyham. Downgraded in the 1970s after the current A38 opened and is now the B3396.
A3043 Unused Ran from the A3042 (now the B3396) in Devonport to the A3041 (also now the B3396) in Stoke. Renumbered to A3049 for reasons unknown.
A3044 Staines upon Thames Harmondsworth
A3045 Unused Loop off A390 in Lostwithiel. Decommissioned due to completion of the Lostwithiel bypass and is now part of the B3268.

Later reserved around 1970 for "existing parallel length of A329 when passed by the S.E. Reading to N.W. Wokingham relief road", but the number was not used.

A3046 Woking Chobham
A3047 Scorrier Camborne
A3048 Unused Ran along St Thomas Road connecting the A388 to the-then A30 on the west side of Launceston Castle and was later extended along the old A30 to the A30 southern bypass when it was built in the 1940s. Now just a spur of the A388.
A3049 Fleetsbridge Boscombe Number first used on a road cutting the corner between the A3 and the A27 near Portsmouth; was the first A3xxx number allocated after the original 1922 classification. Became a spur of the A27 in 1935 and later part of the A27 itself after the Cosham and Havant bypasses were built.

The number was next used as an unexplained renumbering of the A3043 in Plymouth (now the B3396).

A3050 Weybridge Hampton Court
A3051 Botley Locks Heath
A3052 Charmouth Clyst St Mary Formerly part of the A35. A3052 was previously used for the road from Salisbury to A303 north of Cholderton (now part of the A338).
A3053 Unused A3053 was previously used for the road between Bradford-on-Avon and Melksham in Wiltshire. It has since been downgraded to form part of the B3107.
A3054 Ryde Totland Northern part of Isle of Wight circular A-Class loop. Most of the Newport to Ryde section was the A3022 until 1935.
A3055 Ryde Totland Southern part of Isle of Wight circular A-Class loop
A3056 Newport Sandown
A3057 Southampton Andover
A3058 Mellanvrane St Austell
A3059 St Columb Minor St Columb Major
A3060 Red Hill Roundabout, Bournemouth Iford, Dorset, Bournemouth
A3061 Unused Ran between the A391 to a pier in St Austwell harbor; formerly the A390 and A3060.
A3062 Odd Down Widcombe
A3063 Heston Hanworth Road, Whitton
A3064 Milehouse Weston Mill
A3065 Staplegrove Bishop's Hull Known as "Silk Mills Road"
A3066 Haselbury Plucknett Bridport
A3067 Unused Ran from the A36 to the A33 with a spur (former B3057) to the A3035, formed a portion of the South Coast Trunk Road (the T37) from 1946. Originally the A35 until it was renumbered to A3067 around 1940 for unknown reasons (probably to remove the multiplex with the A36) and became the A36 again when Tebourba Way was built in 1953.
A3068 Unused Ran from Christchurch to Lymington (now part of the A337).
A3069 Unused Ran from Lymington to Lyndhurst (now part of the A337).
A3070 Unused Formerly connected A35 south-east of Axminster with Lyme Regis via Uplyme; now downgraded as southernmost section of the B3165.
A3071 Penzance St Just in Penwith
A3072 Bickleigh Bude
A3073 Stratton, Cornwall Bude
A3074 Lelant St Ives
A3075 Trevemper, Newquay Chiverton Cross, Blackwater
A3076 Mitchell Gunmows Shop, St Newlyn East
A3077 Unused Ran from the A30 west of Penzance to the A30 at Trereife; formerly the B3314 from Penzance to Newlyn while the link to Trereife was the southern section of the B3316. The Penzance-Newlyn section is now unclassified while the remainder became a portion of the B3315.
A3078 Probus St Mawes
A3079 Okehampton Holsworthy A3079 was previously used for the road from A30 northeast to Ilminster, which became part of the then-new A303 when that route was created
A3080 Unused Ran along Bathwick Street in Bath, forming a shortcut between the A4 and A36. Now a spur of the A4 or A36, depending on direction of travel, although maps and the local council claim it as a spur of the A36.
A3081 Unused Renumbering of the eastern half of the B3241 in Plymouth. Downgraded to the B3214, probably around the same time the A386 was rerouted.
A3082 St Blazey Fowey
A3083 Helston Lizard
A3084 Unused First used in south Cornwall between Par and Holmbush along the westernmost section of the B3271 (much of which became the A3082 except for this section), but it became a portion of the A3082 anyway in 1935.

Used a second time in 1937 as a temporary number for the northern section of the Exeter Bypass (renumbered from the A378), but it became the A38 in 1938 when it was rerouted (old A38 became the A3085).

Used a final time in 1975 between Redhills and Alphington on the western edge of Exeter. Declassified in the late 1970s when the A30 western bypass was built.

A3085 Unused Original routing of the A38 in Exeter before it was rerouted on top of the A3084. The northern section is now mostly the B3212 and much of the multiplex is now pedestrianized. The section from the River Exe to the northern edge of Alphington is now the A377, the route into Alphington itself is now the B3123 and the remainder unclassified. The southern end is now gone, lost under the A30 bypass.
A3086 Unused Location unknown, but since the A3095 was created in 1935 this clearly did exist. This may have been a short-lived road from Andover to Micheldever (upgrade of the B3049; became part of the A303).
A3087 Firepool, Taunton Rowbarton, Taunton Also known as the NIDR (Northern Inner Distributor Road). Previously allocated to a road from the A36 (now Tollgate Road) via Rampart Road to the A30 (now Winchester Street) in Salisbury.
A3088 Yeovil Stoke-sub-Hamdon
A3089 Unused Location unknown, but since the A3095 was created in 1935 this clearly did exist. This may have been on the road that became part of the A303 as shown in the A3086 entry above.
A3090 Near Winchester Near Totton Formerly part of the A31. Before this, the A3090 was allocated to the road from the A31 through Winchester to the A33; this became the B3040 and an extension of the B3047, and the A3090 was reused on the current route.
A3091 Unused Ran via Sussex Street and City Road from High Street (then the A272) to Hyde Street (then the A3090) in Winchester (now B3420 and B3330).
A3092 Unused Ran on Eastgate Street, Union Street, North Walls from The Broadway (then the A31) to Hyde Street (then the A3090) in Winchester (now B3330).
A3093 Andover Andover
A3094 Harnham Quidhampton Forms a southern ring-road around Salisbury
A3095 Sandhurst Bracknell
A3098 Frome Westbury

Four-digit roads (31xx and higher)[edit]

Road From To Notes
A3100 Burpham Milford Formerly the A3 before the Guildford and Godalming bypass was built.

Originally allocated to the Guildford Bypass; renumbered to the A3 in 1934 when the remainder of the bypass was completed (the old route of the A3 became the current A3100). Now part of the A25 after a further A3 bypass was built.

A3102 Swindon Melksham Former A420 and B3102
A3110 Parting Carn, St Mary's Parting Carn Circular road on St Mary's island
A3111 Hugh Town Parting Carn The most westerly classified road in England
A3112 The Parade, Hugh Town, St Mary's Parting Carn/St Mary's Airport The most southerly classified road in the United Kingdom
A3113 M25 J14 Heathrow Airport
A3121 Wrangaton Ermington Formerly B3211
A3122 Halwell Dartmouth Formerly part of B3207
A3123 Combe Martin Ilfracombe Formerly part of B3343
A3124 Whiddon Down, Drewsteignton Great Torrington Formerly part of B3220 and unclassified roads
A3125 Barnstaple Barnstaple Formerly part of A39
A3126 Tiverton Tiverton Formerly part of A396
A3200 London Bridge County Hall Southwark Street/Stamford Street/York Road
A3201 A300 Southwark Bridge Road The Borough Marshalsea Road
A3202 Lambeth North station The Borough
A3203 Lambeth Bridge St George's Circus Lambeth Road
A3204 Elephant & Castle Vauxhall Cross Kennington Lane, part of the London Inner Ring Road
A3205 Vauxhall Battersea In the London Borough of Lambeth: Nine Elms Lane; in the London Borough of Wandsworth: Nine Elms Lane, Battersea Park Road
A3206 Unused Ran from A3205 to A3212 in Battersea. Became a portion of the A205 (now A3220).
A3207 York Road, Battersea Lavender Hill, Battersea Falcon Road
A3208 Unused Ran on Wandsworth Bridge Road in Wandsworth from the A308 to the A3205. Now part of the A217.
A3209 Wandsworth Putney Bridge
A3210 A240 in Surbiton A243 in Surbiton Short link road. Previously allocated to Wildcroft Road and Portsmouth Road in Putney Heath.
A3211 Westminster Tower of London
A3212 Trafalgar Square Chelsea Whitehall, then Millbank and following the north of the Thames along the Chelsea Embankment to Battersea Bridge. The Houses Of Parliament are on this road.
A3213 Pimlico Eaton Square Previously allocated to a road in Pall Mall, London (now the A4). A 1926 MoT map shows the route as part of a rerouted A4, but a later OS 1951 map still shows the route as A3213.
A3214 Buckingham Palace Royal Hospital Chelsea
A3215 A3214 in Buckingham Palace A302 in Buckingham Palace
A3216 Knightsbridge Clapham Common In the City of Westminster: Sloane Street, Sloane Square, Chelsea Bridge Road, Chelsea Bridge; in the London Borough of Wandsworth: Chelsea Bridge, Queenstown Road (including Queen's Circus); in the London Borough of Lambeth: Queenstown Road, Cedars Road
A3217 Victoria Chelsea
A3218 South Kensington Fulham Old Brompton Road, Lillie Road
A3219 Fulham Fulham Dawes Road
A3220 Clapham Common White City
A3221 Unused Ran along Fairfield Street between the A3205 and the A3 in Wandsworth. Now part of the A3, although it is labeled as the A217 on some maps.
A3259 Staplegrove Monkton Heathfield Formerly part of the A361.
A3280 Listed in the 2005 DfT road list as connecting the A259 and A27 in West Sussex. Possibly a typo for the A280.
A3290 Winnersh Reading Former western section of the A329(M).
A3393 Unused Ran from A36 (now Fishoerton Street) in Salisbury along the Salisbury ring road northeast to the A30 as an upgrade of the B3393. Now part of a rerouted A36.
A3400 Hockley Heath Near Chipping Norton Out-of-zone as it runs in Zone 4, but intentionally chosen as a reminder of the former A34 designation.
A3604 Bath Bath
A3611 Reserved Reserved for a road in Trowbridge from 2006.
A3807 A38 in Taunton A3027 in Taunton
A3822 A38 in Plymouth A386 in Plymouth Part of the new Forder Valley West link road.
A3860 A386 in Plymouth Tamar Science Park Shown on OS maps from 2019, but is unsigned nor does it appear on internet maps. Initially thought to be a copyright trap or a typo, but Plymouth Council has confirmed that the route does indeed exist.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ northeast of Camelford
  2. ^ west of Launceston