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Australia Live TV is an Australia-based online television network run from Chapel Lane Studios in Hindmarsh, South Australia, Adelaide[1]

The company started with one sports Internet television show KG and the General[2] but now hosts several shows[3]


List of programs broadcast by Australia Live TV:

  • Two Up Front – Soccer show. Hosted by John Kosmina and Ross Aloisi. Time: Thursdays 6-7pm.
  • KG and The General – Australia's first live internet sports show covering national and international sports. Time: Monday – Friday 3-5pm.[4]
  • Inside the Game – All things basketball NBL Hosted by 'KB' Kevin Brooks (basketball) & Brett Maher Time: Friday 6-7pm.
  • Amateur Footy – SA Amateur Footy show.[5] Hosted by K. G. Cunningham and 'The General' Phil Smyth. Time: Friday 5-6pm.
  • Mobile RollingHarness racing show. Hosted by David Aldred. Time: Thursdays 5-6pm.
  • Open House – Real Estate show sponsored by Brock Harcourts. Hosted by Greg Moulton. Time: Fridays 12-1pm.
  • Qwoff TVAustralian wine show. Hosted by Justin 'JD' and Andre Eikmeier.
  • Rural Live TV – Rural news, weather, technology and market updates. Hosted by Rob Kerin and Will Goodings. Time: Mondays and Thursdays 1-2pm.
  • Xtreme Sports Hour – Extreme sports show. Hosted by Nathan Strempel. Time: Wednesdays 6-7pm.

Launched in March 2009. Finished production in December 2010.

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