Beyond Corporation©

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Beyond Corporation©
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
In-story information
Type of business Multinational corporation
Owner(s) Devil Dinosaur

The Beyond Corporation© is a fictional multinational corporation that appears in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. The corporation acts as a recurring antagonist in the Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. series, appearing in every story arc.

The corporation is controlled by robotic C.E.O. Number None and is based on a massive "floating terror factory", State 51, concealed high above Nevada.

Publication history[edit]

Beyond Corporation© is always written with a © to help emphasize its corporate inhumanity and overzealous copyright lawyers.[citation needed]

Fictional organization history[edit]

What is now the Beyond Corporation© was once a high-tech terrorist cell known as S.I.L.E.N.T. (an acronym which has not yet been explained). At some point before the beginning of the Nextwave series, S.I.L.E.N.T. legitmized itself into the Beyond Corporation©, yet did not abandon their ulterior motive—the location, activation, distribution and testing of various Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction at various points throughout the United States of America. Also, through "faith-based bidding," the Beyond Corporation© became the sole financial backer of the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, providing them with extremely advanced technology, at the cost of needing to ignore the Beyond Corporation©'s actions; a deal that does not bother H.A.T.E. leader Dirk Anger at all.

The core cell of S.I.L.E.N.T. consists of

  • Mr. Sssh (a bald, bespectacled, mouthless white collar worker)
  • Pope Omerta (a man dressed as a pope with a watch for a face)
  • General Quiet (a man dressed in military garb with a missile where his head should be)
  • and the one who manages The Beyond Corporation©, Number None (an entity who bears a resemblance to the Broccoli Men, but with two distinguishing characteristics - a greater capacity for rational thought, and a snappy white tuxedo. In reality, Number None's body was a disguise, controlled by an infant version of MODOK conceived - by "sweet monkey love by the light of a rack of Worlds (sic) of Warcraft servers").

The Beyond Corporation© employs its own private army of previously unseen super-teams, including The Surgery, the Vestry, the New Paramounts, and, though yet to be seen, The Homosexuality. Most of these superhumans are actually enhanced versions of the Broccoli Men. The only exception to this is the New Paramounts, which are all shown through flashbacks to be possible superheroes, albeit lacking the kick start or other heroic traits necessary for a superhero. They consist of:

All of the New Paramonts originally appeared in Marvel's Not Brand Echh comic line. Forbush Man originally possessed no superpowers, but in his Nextwave incarnation he has "Forbush vision," a power that brings the victim's view of hell to life. This power did not affect Tabitha Smith, as she apparently had no mind. Giant-Sam is a man who created size change formula that was more stable than Hank Pym's version. He was unable to get anyone "to even look at it" due to Hank Pym's infamy as Giant Man. The Bulk is an overweight boy who sneaked onto the Nevada testing range for the original gamma bomb (the birthplace of the Incredible Hulk), reportedly to inhale gasoline fumes. The gas was irradiated, and therefore allowed him to become The Bulk. The previous identity of Charlie America is unknown, although he is implied to be created from super soldier serum expressed in Captain America's urine in 1945. A vat of this "super pee" was obtained by a German agent immediately after Steve Rogers became Captain America, and it was promptly commandeered by an agent of S.I.L.E.N.T. Number None is not actually the founder of the company, Devil Dinosaur is. In the series, it is revealed that he actually has the power of speech and a hatred for hominids. He founded the company to test out weapon designs because he did not want to spend time killing each "monkey" himself.

Broccoli Men[edit]

The Broccoli Men are the foot soldiers. They are robots made partially from slabs of genetically modified kelp with motor oil blood with Doombot bodies wrapped in off the rack business suits. Their combat AI is the Beyond Corp's FightPersona XP, an apparently ineffective package judging by the number of them that are killed by the Nextwave squad. Their speech abilities appear to be on average quite limited as well.