Colin the Caterpillar

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Colin the Caterpillar
Colin the caterpillar cake.jpg
TypeRoll cake
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Created byMarks & Spencer
Main ingredientschocolate sponge cake, buttercream and shell; white chocolate

"Colin the Caterpillar" is a chocolate roll cake sold by British store Marks & Spencer. More than 7 million cakes have been sold since it was introduced in 1990.[1]


Colin the Caterpillar is a chocolate sponge roll cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in a milk chocolate shell, with sugar-coated milk chocolate beans for decoration.[2] The cake has a decorative face and feet made of white chocolate.[3] The dessert is available in large and small sizes.[4]

According to Marks and Spencer, it takes 38 people to assemble each cake from start to finish, and 8.4 tonnes (8,400 kg) of sugar coating are used each year for the decorative spots.[5]

Colin the Caterpillar has become a staple of children's birthday parties, but is also popular with teens and adults.[3] Former British Prime Minister David Cameron,[2] former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and Olympic champion athlete Jessica Ennis are among those who have celebrated their parties with a "Colin cake."[1][6]

In August 2015, Marks and Spencer marked the 25th anniversary of the dessert with a limited edition "Colin the Caterpillar" featuring a party hat and multicoloured feet, and additional candy spots.[6]

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