Disney Mickey's Magix

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A box of the popular Mickey's Magix breakfast cereal.

Disney Mickey's Magix was a breakfast cereal made by Kellogg's and Disney in the United States, described by the company as a "naturally sweetened toasted oat cereal with marshmallows." Its box noted a unique feature of the cereal: "Wow! The milk turns blue!". In 2003, along with revised marshmallows, the changing color of milk became purple.

The packaging and cereal themes were based on Mickey Mouse's appearance in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of the 1940 film Fantasia, or the Disney theme park show Fantasmic!

The cereal was sold in various sizes, including 11.8 ounces, 32.5 ounces, and 1.02 ounces, individually and specially marked.


Milled corn, rice, brown sugar, salt, malt flavoring, baking soda, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), iron, niacinamide, turmeric color, zinc oxide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), vitamin A palmitate, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

Another Disney Mickey's Magix product from Kellogg's[edit]

  • Disney Mickey's Magix was also a brand of sandwich cookies that had two circular vanilla wafers with vanilla-flavored creme filling in between. It should also be noted that the frosting was red and green.