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This is a list of currently in service equipment of the Royal Danish Army.

General issued weapons and related equipment[edit]

Bayonet, field knife, and entrenching tool

Name Image Origin Type Notes
Bajonet M/95
(M7 bayonet)
M7 Bayonet & M8A1 Sheath.JPG United States United States Bayonet Only used by the Royal Life Guards, when on guard duty.
Feltkniv M/96
(Glock Feldmesser)
Glock Feldmesser FM 78.JPG Austria Austria Field knife
Feltspade M/96
(Glock Feldspaten)
Glock Feldspaten.jpg Austria Austria Field shovel

Infantry weapons

All rifles, carbines, submachine guns and machine guns issued to conscripts as well as regular personnel are equipped with either a C79 optical sight or an Aimpoint CompM4 to allow the soldier to attach his night vision goggles to optic sight.

Model Image Origin Type Caliber Details
Handguns & Submachine guns
M/49 Neuhausen
(SIG P210)
SIG P210 IMG 6829-30.jpg Switzerland Switzerland Pistol 9 mm Standard issue pistol[1]
HKUSP.png Germany Germany Pistol 9 mm Used by Jægerkorpset [2]
(Heckler & Koch MP5)
MP5.jpg West Germany West Germany Submachine gun 9 mm
Gevær M/95
(Colt Canada C7 rifle)
Danish AR M95.png Canada Canada Assault Rifle 5.56 mm Currently being replaced by M/10 rifle
Karabin M/96
(Colt Canada C8 carbine)
Canada Canada Carbine 5.56 mm
Gevær M/10
(Colt Canada C8 IUR rifle)
Canada Canada Carbine 5.56 mm
Machine guns
Maskingevær M/62
(Rheinmetall MG3)
BundeswehrMG3.jpg West Germany West Germany General-purpose machine gun 7.62 mm Being replaced by the M/60
Let Maskingevær M/60
(M60 Machine gun M60E6)
Machine gun M60E6.JPG United States United States General-purpose machine gun 7.62 mm Supplied by US Ordnance, upgrade of M60E4
Tungt Maskingevær M/2001
(M2 Browning machine gun)
M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg United States United States Heavy machine gun 12.7 mm
Sniper rifles
Finskyttevåben M/04
Sako TRG 42
Sako TRG-42.jpg Finland Finland Sniper rifle Cal. 338LM
HK 417S
Heckler&Koch HK MR308 linke Seite.jpg Germany Germany Sniper rifle 7.62 mm Full size rifle with 508.0 mm (20 in) accurized barrel[3]
Minerydningsgevær M/95
(Barrett M95)
Barrett M95SP.jpg United States United States Anti-materiel rifle 12.7 mm Primary used for EOD
Accuracy International AX50
Accuracy International AX50.png United Kingdom United Kingdom Anti-materiel rifle 12.7 mm Due to be introduced in 2017[4]
Anti-tank weapons
Dyssekanon M/85
(Carl Gustav M3)
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.jpg Sweden Sweden Anti-tank weapon 84 mm
Panserværnsvåben M/97
(AT-4 CS)
AT-4Launcher.jpeg Sweden Sweden Anti-tank weapon 84 mm

Infantry grenade launchers and ammo

Grenades and mines

  • Håndgranat M/54 (540 grams fragmentation hand grenade)
  • Røghåndgranat M/57 (phosphor based grenade)
  • Røghåndbombe M/77 (phosphor based grenade)
  • Røghåndbombe M/93 (phosphor based grenade)
  • M/05 Flashbang device
  • M/05 Sting hand grenade
  • M/05 CS gas hand grenade
  • Alarmmine M/87 (Alarm mine, pyrotechnics)
  • Alarmblus M/62 (Alarm mine, pyrotechnics)

Uniforms, personal load-carrying equipment, and personal protection equipment

Danish soldiers using the M/84 uniform and the K M/96
  • Uniformssystem M/84, Standard uniform system in Danish M/84 camouflage
  • Let Kampuniform M/01, light standard uniform system in Danish M/84 camouflage
  • Ørken Kampuniform M/01, light desert uniform system in Danish T99 camouflage
  • Uniformssystem M/11, Standard uniform system (MultiCam)
  • Oppakningssystem M/96, load carrying system (PLCE in Danish M/84 camouflage)
  • Kampvest M/05, Assault Vest
  • Fragmentationsvest M/00, body armour
  • Beskyttelsesvest M/12, body armour (TYR Tactical)
  • Hjelm M/96, helmet (SPECTRA helmet)
  • Hjelm M/10, helmet (Tactical Ballistic Helmet version 2 (TBHII)
  • Hjelm M/12, helmet (Batlskin Cobra)
  • ABC-maske M/96, field (M40 NBC protective mask)
  • ABC-dragt M/96, field (NBC protective suit)

Tactical and communication equipment

  • PRR M/07, Personnel Role Radio (Bowman) (currently being replaced by the SPR)
  • DA/PRC-361, Squad Radio (Racal Acoustics)
  • DA/PRC-371, Platoon Radio (Racal Acoustics)
  • RF-7800S SPR, Secure Personal Radio (Harris Falcon III)
  • Nat-brille M/97, Binocular Night Vision Device (AN/PVS-7)
  • Nat-brille M/03, Monocular Night Vision Device (AN/PVS-14)


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Notes
Leopard 2 A5 Jydske Dragonregiment (8108898747).jpg  Germany Main Battle Tank 57
Leopard 1 Wisent 1 Wisent 1.JPG  Germany Armoured Recovery Vehicle 11
Pansret Broslagningsvogn Leopard 1 Biber Jydske Dragonregiment (8108841270).jpg  Germany Armoured Vehicle-launched Bridge 10
Hydrema MCV 910 Hydrema mine cleaning vehicle.jpg Denmark Denmark Mine Clearing Vehicle 16
Pansret minerydningskøretøj - PNMIRK PNMIRK.JPG  Germany Mine Clearing Vehicle 2 Based on the Wisent 1 chassis.[5]
Infanterikampkøretøj - IKK
Combined Resolve III 141106-A-SG416-002.jpg  Sweden Infantry Fighting Vehicle 45
Pansret Mandskabsvogn - PMV
Jydske Dragonregiment (8108907794).jpg  United States Armored Personnel Carrier A1: 170
G3: 246
Used in various versions:
  • Command vehicles
  • Repair vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Combat engineers vehicle
  • Among others
MRAP Cougar 6x6 ISS MRAP Cougar Danish.JPG  United States Infantry Mobility Vehicle 40 Leased[6]
Mowag Piranha III in H and C variants Media & Visitors Day, Chinchilla, NATO Trident Juncture 15 (22783927831).jpg Switzerland Switzerland Armoured Fighting Vehicle 90 Used in various versions:
  • Communications and informations systems carrier
  • Command and control vehicle
  • Reconnaissance vehicle
  • Armoured ambulance
  • Among others
Mowag Piranha V Mowag Piranha V Danish.jpg Switzerland Switzerland Armoured Fighting Vehicle 309* *In the process of acquiring 309, first set to arrive in 2018.[7]
Patria XA-185 Norwegian Sisu XA.JPG Finland Finland Armored Personnel Carrier 11 Used as an Armoured ambulance (leased)
Spejdervogn M/95
(MOWAG Eagle 4x4 I and IV)
MOWAG Eagle Danish.JPG Switzerland Switzerland Light Armored Car 91
  • Eagle I reconnaissance vehicle (ca. 30 in storage)
  • Eagle IV Patrol vehicle (Lemur 12,7 mm OHW) (91)
Mowag Duro Duro IIIP 6x6 Duro3 MSPO2004.jpg Switzerland Switzerland Armoured Fighting Vehicle 29 Used as an armoured ambulance
HMMWV Jülkat.png United States United States Light Armored Car 22 Used as:
  • Fast attack vehicle
  • TOW carrier
  • Utility vehicle
Supacat HMT 400 Withdrawall (8753639083).jpg United Kingdom United Kingdom Light Armored Car 15


Helicopters All army helicopters have been transferred to Helicopter Wing Karup, a joint helicopter command under the Royal Danish Air Force:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

Name Image Origin Type Quantity Notes
Raven B Raven B Danish.jpg United States United States Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Field artillery, mortars, and related equipment

Name Image Origin Type Quantity Notes
Selvkørende Haubits - SKH
(M109 A3DK)
M109 Howitzer Danish.JPG United States United States Self-propelled artillery 3
12 used for spare parts
Of the A3 variant, being replaced by the Caesar 8x8
Caesar 8x8 Nexter caesar.jpeg  France Self-propelled artillery 15
Possibility for an additional 6
In the process of being acquired[8]
Let Mortér - LMT M/06
(Explosivos Alaveses mortars)
60mm morter Danish.JPG Spain Spain Mortar 75 Variants:
  • 60 mm combi mortar
  • 60 mm commando mortar
Tung Mortér - TMT M/10
(Soltam 120)
GIs in Konar Province -b.jpg Israel Israel Mortar 20 [9]
Cardom 10 M113-Keshet-latrun-2016-1.jpg  Austria Mortar 15
Possibility for an additional 6
In the process of being acquired, to be mounted on the Piranha V.[8]

Danish Army Low Level Air Defence System (DALLADS): Transferred to Royal Danish Air Force

  • Air Defence Control Centers (Based on Termas T-Core C4I system)
  • Medium Range Sensors (Thales Group RAC 3D radar, range 100 km)
  • Short Range Sensors (Thales Group 2D radar, range 20 km)
  • Fire units - Dual Mount Stinger (in storage)
  • Logistics units

Other vehicles[edit]

Trucks, lorrys, and other vehicles

The MAN trucks are being replaced by Scania AB trucks.[8]
MAN trucks of various models and versions, for instance:

  • MAN HX 77 Armoured logistic vehicle
  • MAN SX 45 Armoured logistic vehicle
  • MAN 8.136 Light utility truck
  • MAN 13.192 Medium utility truck
  • MAN 18.225 Medium utility truck
  • MAN 27.314 Heavy utility truck
  • MAN 26.372 Fuel truck
  • MAN 25.322 Container handling truck
  • MAN 27.314 Mobile communication center
  • MAN 40.400 Prime MBT mover
  • MAN 35.460 Heavy equipment transporter
  • MAN 41.372 Heavy wrecker
  • MAN 41.480 Recovery vehicle (TGA)
  • MAN 41.480 Heavy equipment transporter (TGA)
Danish Army Mercedes Gelaendewagen

Mercedes Gelaendewagen of various models and versions, for example: (over 2000)

  • G240 Utility
  • G270 CDI Armoured utility
  • G270 CDI Reconnaissance vehicle et al.
  • G280 CDI Armoured utility
  • G290 Ambulance et al.
  • G300 EOD


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