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Famima!! is a chain of small upscale convenience stores owned by FamilyMart stores of Japan. Founded on September 17, 2004, the stores bring the Japanese model of premium convenience stores targeting the middle and upper level income group of 21 – 41 years of age to the United States. Famima Corporation is currently testing stores on the American consumer segment in Southern California. The company had plans for 30 test stores with 220 additional stores by 2009. However, the company's contraction came as quickly as its expansion and has closed many of the original test sites. There were nine active locations as of July 2010 according to the company's website.

Famima!! stores feature upscale design and premium foods, packaging deli style "lunch boxes" (sandwiches, panini, sushi), International and American goods popular in the United States.

A Famima!! store appears in the background in the 2010 film Inception.


All locations are in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Current locations:

Former locations:


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