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Initial release2010; 11 years ago (2010)
Operating systemiOS 12.2 or later;[1]
Android 7.0 or later
Size154.4 MB
Available inEnglish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
TypePhoto and Sports

Fishbrain is a mobile app, and online platform for anglers that provides map-based tools, social networking features, fishing forecasts, and data-backed recommendations on fishing gear. Using Fishbrain, anglers can find new spots to fish and see exact catch locations on maps, which include depth information and user-generated tips and ratings. In addition to map functionality, users can obtain fishing forecasts including weather, lunar cycles, tidal charts, and more. Fishbrain also provides recommendations on when to fish based on predicted fish activity, previous user-catches, and an analysis of species behavior.

In 2019 Fishbrain added a marketplace[2] where anglers can buy fishing gear. This marketplace is offered online and in-app and features gear recommendations based on real-world catch data. This allows anglers to see which gear is best for catching specific species, or for specific fishing tactics.

Due to the platform’s user base of over 11 million users,[3] Fishbrain has access to a variety of data on species, migratory patterns, and more. Fishbrain works with governmental agencies to help identify endangered fish species, how climate is impacting behavioral patterns and more.[4] The company promotes sustainable fishing through promoting a catch-and-release approach, as well as encouraging users to clean up and care for their local waterways.[5]

Fishbrain is the foursquare of fishing with a unique knowledge collection of fishing spots and catches connected to them.[6]

Fishbrain was created by Jens Persson and Johan Attby,[citation needed] and launched in 2010 as a free mobile app.[7] and has expanded to include utility functions for recreational fishing with some of its features available with a subscription. The Fishbrain app can be downloaded from the App Store, as well as Google Play and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


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