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Solaborate Inc
Logo of Solaborate
Type of businessCommunications Platform
Type of site
Social network service
Available inEnglish
FoundedLos Angeles, California (2012)
Los Angeles, California
Area servedWorldwide
  • Labinot Bytyqi
  • Mimoza Bytyqi
Key people
  • Labinot Bytyqi (CEO)
  • Mimoza Bytyqi (CMO)
IndustryUnified Communications
LaunchedPublic Beta - October 22, 2013
Current statusActive

Solaborate /ˈsōˈlabəˌrāte/ is a communication and collaboration platform for professionals and consumers alike. It allows them to do video calls, share documents, screencast and screenshare, remotely monitor their home or office, and improve their work-life balance.[1] Solaborate is a combination of the words “social” and “collaboration”. Solaborate has both software and hardware in the form of the HELLO Messenger, and HELLO Communication Device.


Solaborate's CEO at Disrupt TechCrunch SF 2013

Solaborate's CEO Labinot Bytyqi, founded the company in 2012. Solaborate is headquartered in Los Angeles, California

  • In April 2013, Solaborate launched its private beta, and announced it has raised $1 million from angel investors.
  • In October 2013, at TechEd Las Vegas, Solaborate officially launched its public beta.


  • In July 2016, Solaborate launched a Kickstarter campaign for HELLO 1. HELLO is a voice controlled device that can be used for video conferencing, wireless screensharing, live broadcasting, and security surveillance.[2] The device runs on Android and is engineered with an array of four smart microphones, a 4K video sensor and quad-core processor. It also features a built-in accelerometer and tilting lens.[3]
  • In January 2018, Solaborate announced HELLO 2 at CES 2018.


Solaborate wins "People's Choice Award" at SAP Startup Forum, Palo Alto

People's Choice Award at SAP Palo Alto

In 2013, Solaborate has been awarded the people's choice award at SAP's Palo Alto, during the 10th startup forum.[4]

Best in Show Award at WebRTC Conference and Expo

In 2013, Solaborate has received the “Best in Show” award at the WebRTC Conference and Expo hosted by TMC in Atlanta, Ga [5]


Solaborate is built in Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing, using HTML5, WebSockets and WebRTC protocol for real time communication.[6] Solaborate runs on SAP HANA platform, to provide users with real-time information on their network.[7]


Features include:

  • profiles for professionals, companies, products, and services
  • messaging, chat, and video
  • screen sharing
  • creating blogs
  • real-time analytics
  • file sharing and document organization

-In October 2013, Solaborate released a mobile app for Android.[8]

-In September 2014, Solaborate launched Solaborate app for Windows 8.1. The app integrates most of the same features and capabilities as the web and it is supported in x86, x64 and ARMS processors.[9]

-In October 2018, Solaborate launched their second generation of HELLO.

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