Honda Spirior

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Honda Spirior
Honda Spirior II Si China 2015-04-20.jpg
Manufacturer Honda
Also called
Production 2009–2018
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Transverse front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Related Honda Accord
Predecessor Honda Accord (Japan and Europe seventh generation)
Successor Honda Inspire (sixth generation, China)

The Honda Spirior is a mid-size sedan produced by Honda. It was introduced in 2009.

First generation (2009–2015)[edit]

The first generation Spirior was a badge engineered version of the Japanese and European eighth generation Accord/Acura TSX. Production started in August 2009 in China, by Dongfeng Honda. At the same time, the North American and Asia Pacific version of the ninth generation Accord was marketed as the Honda Accord in China and was produced by Honda’s joint venture with Chinese automaker GAC.

Second generation (2015–2018)[edit]

The Spirior concept was revealed at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show previewing the production model exclusive to China by the end of 2014.[1] It is also produced by Honda’s joint venture with Dongfeng and be sold exclusively in the Chinese market due to the discontinuation of the European Accords.[2] It will be replaced in late 2018 by the upcoming sixth generation Inspire, which is a rebadged tenth generation Accord.



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