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Everus (Li Nian)
Everus logo.png
Owner Guangqi Honda Automobile
Introduced 2008
Markets China
Website http://www.everus.cn/

Everus (Li Nian) is a car marque of Guangqi Honda, a joint venture between Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group).[1] Li Nian was also the name of a concept car that Guangqi Honda debuted in Auto China 2008, coinciding with the reveal of the brand.[2] Honda became the first foreign automaker to develop vehicles under a brand owned by its local joint venture automaker in China.[2] Li Nian launched its first car, the S1 at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011.[3]


The S1 is the first Everus car available for sale. It is a badge-engineered fourth-generation Honda City/Jazz saloon and went on sale in April 2011. It is 4,420mm long and is available with a 1.3 L i-DSi or 1.5 L VTEC L-series petrol engine. It is paired with a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed automatic. It then concluded production in 2014 selling around 4,500 units.

Concept cars[edit]

To announce the Everus marque in 2008, Li Nian, a compact SUV concept car was revealed at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition Auto China.[2]

The Li Nian Roadster concept was shown by Guangqi Honda in 2009 Shanghai Auto Show.[4]

The Li Nian Sedan concept was debuted at Auto China 2010 in Beijing.[5]

The EV SUV concept was debuted at Auto China 2018 in Beijing.[6]