Honda Collection Hall

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Honda Collection Hall
Honda Collection Hall 2011.jpg
Exterior view of Honda Collection Hall in 2011
LocationMotegi, Japan
Coordinates36°31′37″N 140°13′37″E / 36.527°N 140.227°E / 36.527; 140.227
TypeTransport museum
Collection size350 completely restored items[1]
Public transit accessMotegi Station - 20 min. by bus[2]

The Honda Collection Hall is a transport museum housing a collection of Honda consumer- and racing-oriented artifacts. It is on the grounds of the Twin Ring Motegi race track located at Motegi, Japan. It opened in 1998.[3] It is operated by Honda subsidiary Mobilityland.


All items in the collection are maintained in running order; the museum posts times when visitors can see the display models started.[4] The museum contains approximately 350 automobiles, motorcycles and power products.[5] This is a sampling of items that press reports found particularly noteworthy.

Pre-20th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]


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