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The following is a list of current (entering the 2016 season) Major League Baseball broadcasters for each individual team. Some franchises have a regular color commentator while others (such as the Milwaukee Brewers) use two play-by-play men, with the primary often doing more innings than the second man; Dodgers announcer Vin Scully does not use a color commentator and is heard on both TV and radio. Secondary Play by Play people are noted by bold and the number of innings of play-by-play are listed after.

In pay television, 14 teams broadcast on Fox Sports Networks affiliates, five on Comcast SportsNet affiliates and four on Root Sports affiliates. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees are broadcast on YES Network; the New York Mets on SportsNet New York; Los Angeles Dodgers on Time Warner Cable SportsNet LA; Baltimore and Washington on Mid-Atlantic Sports Network; Boston on New England Sports Network; and Toronto on Sportsnet.

American League[edit]

Team Primary play-by-play Secondary play-by-play or color analyst Field reporter(s) Studio host(s) Studio analyst(s) Flagship station(s) Number of affiliates
Baltimore Joe Angel
Jim Hunter (games that Angel or Manfra are off)
Fred Manfra (select games that Angel is off)
Fred Manfra (4)
Jim Hunter (4) (select games)
Ben McDonald (select games)
Dave Johnson (select games)
WJZ-FM 44[1]
Gary Thorne (primary);
Jim Hunter (selected games)
Jim Palmer (about 100 games);
Mike Bordick (about 60 games)
Dave Johnson (select games that both Bordick and Palmer are off)
Jim Hunter or Tom Davis Rick Dempsey or Dave Johnson MASN /
WJZ-TV 1 (20 games)
Boston Joe Castiglione Vacant (4)
Lou Merloni (select games)
Rob Bradford (select games)
John Tomase (select games)
Mike Mutnansky or Chris Villani WEEI-FM 72[2]
Dave O'Brien
Josh Maurer (select games)
Jon Rish (select games)
Jerry Remy (at least 100 games)
Steve Lyons (select games)
Dennis Eckersley (select games) (the team will have 2 analysts with O'Brien for select games in 2016)
Gary Striewski, Adam Pellerin, Sarah Davis, Guerin Austin, Tom Caron or Elle Duncan Tom Caron Steve Lyons, Dennis Eckersley, Tim Wakefield, and/or Jim Rice NESN
Uri Berenguer Juan Oscar Baez WMEX (Spanish Radio)
Chicago Ed Farmer
Russ Langer (select spring training games)
Chris Rongey (select games)
Darrin Jackson
Aaron Rowand (select games)
Bill Melton (select spring training games)
Chris Rongey WLS (AM) 18[3]
Ken Harrelson (road games and select home games)
Vacant (home games and select games)
Steve Stone (select games)
Chuck Swirsky(fill-in)
Steve Stone
Tom Paciorek (select games)
Mike Huff (select games)
Chuck Garfien (CSN)
Dan Roan or Rich King (WGN)
Bill Melton (CSN)
CSN Chicago (106 games)
WGN-TV (35 Games)
WPWR-TV (20 games)
Hector Molina Billy Russo WRTO-AM
Cleveland Tom Hamilton (will work by himself for select games that Rosenhaus is off)
Jim Rosenhaus (select games)
Jim Rosenhaus (2)
Jason Stanford (select games)
Tim Belcher (select games)
Mike Hargrove (select games)
Scott Bailes (select games)
WTAM/WMMS[4] 28[5]
Matt Underwood
Al Pawlowski (select games)
Rick Manning Andre Knott Al Pawlowski Jensen Lewis SportsTime Ohio/
WKYC2 (4 games)
Detroit Dan Dickerson Jim Price
Dan Petry (select games)
Rod Allen (select games that he isn't on TV)
Jeff Riger WXYT AM/FM 27[6]
Mario Impemba (primary)
John Keating or Matt Shepard (backup)
Rod Allen (primary)
Jack Morris (fill-in)
Kirk Gibson (fill-in)
John Keating, Mickey York, Matt Shepard, Trevor Thompson, Justin White, Johnny Kane Craig Monroe
Rod Allen (select games that he's not broadcasting)
Fox Sports Detroit
WJBK (1 game - home opener simulcast from FSD)
Houston Robert Ford
Steve Sparks (select games)
Mike Capps (select games)
Steve Sparks (2)
Larry Dierker (select Saturday games, scheduled for 1 Saturday home game a month)
Alan Ashby (2) (select games)
Bill Brown(2) (select non-TV games or spring training)
Crawford Jones KBME 34[7]
Bill Brown
Alan Ashby (about 60 games in 2015 due to Brown's reduced schedule)
Kevin Eschenfelder (select spring training games)
Alan Ashby
Geoff Blum (games where Ashby is doing play-by-play)
Mike Stanton (select games with Ashby on play-by-play)
Larry Dierker (select games)
Julia Morales Kevin Eschenfelder, Marius Payton, Cory Hepola, Bill Doleman, or Leila Rahimi Geoff Blum (select games that he is not broadcasting with Ashby)
Mike Stanton
Art Howe
Root Sports Southwest[8]
Francisco Romero Alex Treviño KLAT (Spanish Radio)
Kansas City Denny Matthews (home games and select road games)
Ryan Lefebvre (some road games)
Steve Physioc (some road games)
Steve Stewart (select spring training games)
Steve Physioc(4) (some home games)
Ryan Lefebvre(4) (some home games)
Steve Stewart(4) (games that Matthews does not work and select games with Matthews)
Joel Goldberg (4) (select games)
Steve Stewart KCSP 57[9]
Ryan Lefebvre or Steve Physioc Rex Hudler
Jeff Montgomery (select games)
Josh Vernier (home games) or Joel Goldberg Joel Goldberg Jeff Montgomery Fox Sports Kansas City
Los Angeles Terry Smith
Wayne Hagin (select games)
Daron Sutton (select games)
Mark Langston
Jose Mota (select games)
Bobby Grich (select games)
Victor Rojas
Terry Smith (select games)
Daron Sutton (select games)
Mark Gubicza
Tim Salmon(select games)
Jose Mota (select games)
Alex Curry Patrick O'Neal or Kent French Tim Salmon or Jose Mota Fox Sports West
Jose Tolentino KWKW (Spanish Radio)
Minnesota Cory Provus
Kris Atteberry (select games)
Dan Gladden(3)
Jack Morris (select games)
Kris Atteberry(3)(select games)
Dick Bremer(3) (select spring training and non-TV games)
Kris Atteberry KTWN-FM 85[11]
Dick Bremer
Cory Provus (select spring training games that are simulcast on radio with Gladden)
Bert Blyleven (home games and select road games)
Jack Morris (select games that Blyleven does not work)
Roy Smalley (select games that Blyleven doesn't work)
Dan Gladden (3) (select spring training games that are simulcast on radio with Provus)
Anthony LaPanta or Tom Hanneman Jack Morris, Tim Laudner, Roy Smalley, or Tom Kelly Fox Sports North
Alfonso Fernández Tony Oliva KMNV / KMNQ
(Spanish Radio)
New York John Sterling Suzyn Waldman
C.J. Nitkowski (select games)
Sweeny Murti WFAN & WFAN-FM 36[12]
Michael Kay
Ken Singleton (select games)
Bob Lorenz (select games)
Ryan Ruocco (select games)
Paul O'Neill, Ken Singleton, John Flaherty (3 innings only when working with Singleton, just analysis when working with Kay, Lorenz, or Ruocco), Al Leiter, David Cone (all 5 rotate by series, occasionally 2 will work w/ the play-by-play broadcaster) Meredith Marakovits, Jack Curry or Chris Shearn Bob Lorenz or Nancy Newman Jack Curry, Ken Singleton, John Flaherty, or Lou Piniella YES Network or
Beto Villa Francisco Rivera WADO (Spanish Radio)
Oakland Ken Korach
Vince Cotroneo (select games)
Donny Baarns (select spring training games)
Vince Cotroneo(3)
Roxy Bernstein(3) (select games)
Ray Fosse (3, just color commentary if Korach and Cotroneo are working as well) (select non-televised games)
Guy Haberman (3) (select games)
Brett Dolan (3) (select games)
Guy Haberman KGMZ 14[13]
Glen Kuiper
Vince Cotroneo (select games that are simulcasted between TV and Radio with Korach and/or Kuiper)
Ken Korach (select games that are simulcasted on TV and radio with Cotroneo and/or Kuiper)
Ray Fosse
Eric Chavez (about 20 games)
Brodie Brazil Shooty Babitt or Bip Roberts Comcast SportsNet California / KOFY-TV (1 game due to NBA and NHL conflicts)
Amaury Pi-Gonzalez Manolo Hernández-Douen KIQI /[14]
Seattle Rick Rizzs
Aaron Goldsmith (select games)
Dave Sims (select spring training games)
Aaron Goldsmith (3) (about 115-120 games when he's not on TV or MLB on FOX)
Dave Sims (3) (about 40 games when Goldsmith is on TV)
Mike Blowers (1) (select games)
Gary Hill (3) (select games)
Mark McLemore (select games, usually when Rizzs or Goldsmith is filling in for Sims on TV)
Ken Phelps (select games)
Brad Adam (3) (select games)
Shannon Drayer Gary Hill or Matt Pitman KIRO or KTTH (if a conflict with the Seattle Seahawks) 30[15]
Dave Sims (about 120 games)
Rick Rizzs (select games)
Aaron Goldsmith (about 40 games)
Mike Blowers
Dan Wilson (select games)
Jay Buhner (select games)
Bill Krueger (select games)
Jen Mueller Angie Mentink or Brad Adam Bill Krueger or Dave Valle Root Sports Northwest
Alex Rivera Julio Cruz KBRO (Spanish Radio) 2
Tampa Bay Andy Freed or Dave Wills (Freed and Wills rotate every game between primary and secondary play-by-play)
Neil Solondz (select spring training games)
Dave Wills(4)
Andy Freed(4)
Todd Kalas(4) (select games)
Neil Solondz(4) (select games)
Doug Waechter (select spring training games w/ Solondz)
Andy Sonnanstine (select spring training games w/ Solondz)
Neil Solondz WDAE or WHNZ (if a conflict with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 15[16]
Dewayne Staats
Todd Kalas (select games)
Brian Anderson
Todd Kalas (select games)
Orestes Destrade (select games)
Todd Kalas Todd Kalas Orestes Destrade Sun Sports
Ricardo Taveras Enrique Oliu WGES (Spanish radio)
Texas Eric Nadel
Matt Hicks (select games)
Matt Hicks(3)
Eric Nadel(3) (select games in spring training on webcasts where Hicks does the primary play- by-play)
Jared Sandler(3) (select games)
Chris Blake (3) (select spring training games)
Steve Busby (3) (select spring training games and select non-TV games)
Jared Sandler KRLD-FM or KRLD (if there is a conflict with the Dallas Cowboys) 52[17]
Steve Busby
Dave Raymond (Spring)[18]
Tom Grieve (select games)
Tom Grieve (approximately 120 games)
Mark McLemore (approximately 30 games)
Jim Knox John Rhadigan Mark McLemore Fox Sports Southwest (Select Spring, all non national TV regular)
KTXA (Spring Training and most Fridays)
Eleno Ornelas Benji Gil or Jose Guzman KZMP (Spanish radio)
Victor Villalba Jose Guzman Canal de Tejas (TW 194 Dallas & CTX, RGV, Corpus Christi, & Laredo TW 889)
(Spanish TV- 18 games)[19]
Heo Gu-yeon Min Hoon-ji MBC (Korean)
Toronto Jerry Howarth
Mike Wilner (when Howarth is off)
Joe Siddall (2 on road games, just color analysis on home games)
Mike Wilner (2 innings, home games only)
Duane Ward (select games when Siddall is on TV)
Kevin Barker (select games)
Mike Wilner CJCL 22[20]
Buck Martinez
Dan Shulman (about 30 games with Martinez and Tabler)
Rob Faulds (select games)
Matt Devlin (select games)
Pat Tabler
Joe Siddall (select games)
Buck Martinez (games that Shulman is doing play-by-play)
Barry Davis Jamie Campbell
Hazel Mae
Arash Madani
Gregg Zaun Sportsnet / Sportsnet One
Jacques Doucet Rodger Brulotte TVA Sports (French)
Jeremy Filosa Alex Agostino CHMP-FM (French)

National League[edit]

Team Play-by-play Analyst(s) or secondary play-by-play Field reporter(s) Studio host(s) Studio analyst(s) Flagship station(s) Number of affiliates
Arizona Greg Schulte
Vacant (select games)
Tom Candiotti
Mike Fetters (if Candiotti is on TV)
Luis Gonzalez (select games)
Steve Berthiaume (4) (select non TV games)
Vacant (3) (select games)
Bob Brenly (select non-TV games)
Ken Phelps (select games)
J.J. Putz (select games)
Vacant KTAR (primary)
KMVP-FM or KTAR-FM (secondary)
Steve Berthiaume
Greg Schulte (select games)
Bob Brenly
Luis Gonzalez (select games)
Tom Candiotti (backup)
Jody Jackson
Kate Longworth
Todd Walsh
Jody Jackson
Joe Borowski
Brandon Webb
Fox Sports Arizona
Arturo Ochoa Rodrigo Lopez or Richard Saenz KBMB (Spanish Radio) 3
Oscar Soria Jerry Romo KPHE-LD (Spanish TV)
Atlanta Jim Powell
Ben Ingram (select games)
Don Sutton (select games)
Don Sutton(3 with Powell, 4 1/2 with Ingram)
Ben Ingram(3 with Powell, 4 1/2 with Sutton) (select games)
Kevin McAlpin (3) (select games, mainly spring training)
Mark Lemke (select games)
Kevin McAlpin Ben Ingram or Chuck Dowdle (if Ingram is filling in for Powell or Sutton) Mark Lemke
Leo Mazzone
Jay Howell
WCNN / WYAY 138[22]
Chip Caray
Joe Simpson (select games)
Joe Simpson
John Smoltz (select games)
Tom Glavine (select games)
Dale Murphy (select games)
Paul Byrd (select games)
Tom Hart (select games)
Kristina Fitzpatrick, Paul Byrd, Jenn Hildreth Jerome Jurenovich Brian Jordan
Paul Byrd
Matt Diaz
Fox Sports South / SportSouth
Chicago Pat Hughes
Jeff Joniak (games that Hughes is off)
Ron Coomer (1 with Hughes, 3 with Joniak, just color analysis when Kasper joins Hughes and Coomer)
Dave Otto (select games)
Len Kasper (1, playoffs and nationally televised games)
Mark Grote WSCR 44[23]
Len Kasper Jim Deshaies Kelly Crull (CSN home games) David Kaplan (CSN) Todd Hollandsworth (CSN) Comcast SportsNet Chicago
WGN (40 games)
WLS (24 games)
WPWR (5 games)
Elio Benitez Héctor Fabregas WRTO (Spanish Radio)
Cincinnati Marty Brennaman
Thom Brennaman (select games)
Jim Kelch (select games)
Jeff Brantley(3)
Thom Brennaman(3) (select games)
Jim Kelch(3) (select games)
Chris Welsh(3) (select games)
Doug Flynn (select games)
WLW or WCKY (if a scheduling conflict with the Cincinnati Bengals) 52[24]
Thom Brennaman (about 105 games)
Jim Kelch (about 20 games)
George Grande (about 20 games)
Chris Welsh
Jeff Brantley(select games)
Jim Day or Jeff Piecoro Jim Day or Jeff Piecoro Fox Sports Ohio4
Colorado Jack Corrigan or Jerry Schemmel (select games) Jerry Schemmel(4)
Mike Rice(4) (select games)
Mark Johnson(4) (select games)
Jay Alves(3) (select games)
Ryan Spilborghs (select games)
Jenny Cavnar (select games)
Mike Rice KOA 37[25]
Drew Goodman
Jack Corrigan (select games)
Jerry Schemmel (select games)
Jeff Huson (about 60 games)
Ryan Spilborghs (select games)
Marc Stout or Jenny Cavnar Jenny Cavnar or Marc Stout Jeff Huson (games he's not broadcasting)
Tracy Ringolsby
Ryan Spilborghs
Jason Hirsh
Root Sports Rocky Mountain
Tony Guevara KMXA
(Spanish Radio)
Los Angeles
Vin Scully
(first three innings all home games and road games against the Angels),
Charley Steiner
(follows Scully on simulcast games, innings 4-9),
Rick Monday
(games that Steiner does on television or when Steiner is off)
Rick Monday
(with Steiner)
Kevin Kennedy (with Monday)
David Vassegh Kevin Kennedy KLAC 18[26]
Vin Scully
(home games and road games against the Angels and Giants),
Charley Steiner (about 30 games)
Rick Monday(select spring training games)
Joe Davis (about 50 games)
Orel Hershiser (with Steiner)
Nomar Garciaparra (with Steiner)
Rick Monday (select games, mainly spring training)
Ned Colletti (select games)
Alanna Rizzo John Hartung Orel Herishser (games he's not broadcasting)
Nomar Garciaparra (games he's not broadcasting)
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
SportsNet LA7
Jaime Jarrín Jorge Jarrín KTNQ (Spanish Radio)
Pepe Yñiguez Fernando Valenzuela
Manny Mota
SportsNet LA (via Spanish SAP)
Heo Gu-yeon Min Hoon-ji MBC (Korean)
Miami Dave Van Horne
Glenn Geffner (select games)
Glenn Geffner (4)
Bill Beck (3) (select games)
Kyle Sielhaff (4) (select games)
Kyle Sielhaff WINZ / WHYI 7[27]
Rich Waltz
Vacant(select games)
Craig Minervini (select games)
Jeff Conine (select games)
Preston Wilson (select games)
Carl Pavano (select games)
Craig Minervini and/or Jessica Blaylock Craig Minervini or Frank Forte or Allison Williams Jeff Conine
Preston Wilson
Carl Pavano
Fox Sports Florida
Felo Ramírez Luis Quintana WAQI (Spanish Radio)
Raul Striker, Jr. Cookie Rojas Fox Sports Florida en Español via SAP
(Spanish TV)
Milwaukee Bob Uecker (about 120 games)
Joe Block (games without Uecker)
Jeff Levering (select spring training games)
Brian Anderson (select games, mainly spring training games)
Joe Block(3)
Dave Nelson (select games when Uecker or Block is out)
Jeff Levering (3) (select games, usually games Uecker is off)
Brian Anderson (3) (select spring training games and select non-TV games)
Bill Schroeder (3) (just color analyst for some games filled in (mainly spring training) but some games he filled in for spring training, he has done play-by-play)
WTMJ 36[28]
Brian Anderson
Matt Lepay (about 30 games filling in for Anderson when on MLB on TBS)
Craig Coshun (select games)
Bill Schroeder
Dave Nelson (select games)
Bob Uecker (select innings of select games when not doing play by play on radio)
Jerry Augustine (select games)
Craig Coshun or Sophia Minnaert Craig Coshun, Jeff Grayson, or Telly Hughes Dave Nelson or Jerry Augustine Fox Sports Wisconsin /
Hector Molina Kevin Holden WYTU-LD (Spanish TV)
New York
Howie Rose
Josh Lewin (games without Rose)
Josh Lewin (3)
C.J. Nitkowski (2) (select games)
Jim Duquette (2) (select games)
Steve Phillips (2) (select games)
Howard Kellman (3) (select games)
Wayne Randazzo (3) (select games)
John Franco (select games)
Gary Cohen (3) (select games not on TV)
Wayne Randazzo WOR
Gary Cohen
Ron Darling (select games, mainly spring training)
Scott Braun (select games)
Ron Darling (about 100-110 games)
Keith Hernandez (about 100-110 games)
Cliff Floyd (select games)
Jim Duquette (select games)
Steve Gelbs Gary Apple Nelson Figueroa
Bobby Valentine (select games)
Jim Duquette (select games)
SportsNet New York / WPIX
Juan Alicea Max Perez-Jimenez WEPN (Spanish Radio)
Philadelphia Scott Franzke;
Jim Jackson (play-by-play on home games 4th and 5th innings, all innings if Franzke is off)
Matt Provence (select spring training games)
Jon Schaeffer (select speing training games)
Larry Andersen
Marlon Anderson (select games)
Jon Schaeffer (3) (select spring training games with Provence)
Kirsten Karbach (3) (select spring training games)
Jim Jackson WPHT/WIP-FM 18[29]
Tom McCarthy;
Gregg Murphy (when McCarthy is doing NFL on CBS
Ben Davis (between 100-110 games)
Matt Stairs (between 100-110 games)
Mike Schmidt (home games on Saturday and Sunday)
Gregg Murphy Michael Barkann Ricky Bottalico Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia /
Comcast Network Philadelphia / WCAU-TV (home opener, selected Fri./Sat. games) / WPHL (one game due to NBA/MLS conflict)
Danny Martinez Rickie Ricardo Bill Kulik WDAS (AM) and FM) (Spanish Radio) 2[31]
Pittsburgh Greg Brown or Tim Neverett (alternating) Steve Blass (home games only);
John Wehner (road games and selected home games only);
Bob Walk (Walk and Blass alternate for home games and Walk and Wehner alternate for road games)
Dan Zangrilli Kevin Orie KDKA-FM 41[32]
Tim Neverett or Greg Brown (alternating)
Rob King (select games)
Bob Walk
Steve Blass (home games only); John Wehner (road games and select home games only)
Robby Incmikoski, Dan Potash Rob King, Stan Savran or Paul Alexander Kent Tekulve Root Sports Pittsburgh or MLB Network (locally, when conflicting with Pittsburgh Penguins)
St. Louis Mike Shannon (about 100 games)
John Rooney (about 60 games)
John Rooney(4) (games with Shannon)
Rick Horton(3) (about 40 games with Rooney)
Mike Claiborne(4) (select games)
Al Hrabosky(about 20 games with Rooney)
Mike Claiborne KMOX 111[33]
Dan McLaughlin or Rick Horton (between 15-20 games) Al Hrabosky (about 80 games)
Rick Horton (about 40 games)
Tim McCarver (about 30 games)
Jim Hayes Pat Parris Jim Edmonds Fox Sports Midwest 5
San Diego Ted Leitner
Jesse Agler (select games)
Don Orsillo (select games)
Jesse Agler(3)
Don Orsillo (3) (select games)
Mark Grant (select games)
Randy Jones (select games)
Jack Cronin or Craig Elsten or John Kentera John Kentera or Randy Jones or Bob Chandler XEPRS / XERCN
Dick Enberg (about 120 games)
Don Orsillo (about 40 games)
Mark Grant
Mark Sweeney (about 25 games)
Kris Budden or
Ally Sturm
Mike Pomeranz or Megan Olivi Mark Sweeney (games he's not broadcasting)
Steve Finley (select games)
Clay Hensley (select games)
Fox Sports San Diego
(also available in Spanish via SAP)
Eduardo Ortega Juan Ángel Ávila XEMO (Spanish Radio)
San Francisco Jon Miller
Duane Kuiper (for KNTV and national TV games)
Dave Flemming (if Miller is off)
Doug Greenwald (select spring training games)
Dave Flemming(3) or Mike Krukow (non-TV games) or Duane Kuiper (3) (games that Miller is off)
Shawn Estes (select games, spring training)
KNBR 14[34]
Duane Kuiper
Dave Flemming (select games)
Jon Miller (select games)
Mike Krukow
Dave Flemming (3) (games that Miller is off)8 9 10 11
Randy Winn (select games)
Amy Gutierrez[35] Greg Papa Shawn Estes or Vida Blue Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
Jon Miller or Dave Flemming Raj Mathai[36] KNTV (Fridays) 8
Erwin Higueros Tito Fuentes KTRB
(Spanish Radio)
Washington Charlie Slowes Dave Jageler(4) Phil Wood WJFK-FM
Bob Carpenter;
Johnny Holliday (fill-in)
F. P. Santangelo
Ray Knight (fill-in)
Dan Kolko Johnny Holliday
Byron Kerr (fill-in)
Ray Knight
Phil Wood (fill-in)
MASN / WUSA 3 (20 games)

National television broadcasts[edit]

Regular season[edit]

Game Play-by-play Analyst or second play-by-play Reporter(s) Network
TBS Sunday Baseball Ernie Johnson, Jr., or Brian Anderson or Dick Stockton Ron Darling, Cal Ripken, Jr., Dennis Eckersley Matt Winer TBS
Sunday Night Baseball Dan Shulman or Karl Ravech or Jon Sciambi John Kruk and Mark Mulder or Jessica Mendoza Buster Olney ESPN
Monday Night Baseball* Dave O'Brien or Sean McDonough or Dave Flemming Aaron Boone, Mark Mulder or Dallas Braden or Jessica Mendoza ESPN/ESPN 2
Wednesday Night Baseball Jon Sciambi or Sean McDonough or Chris Berman Rick Sutcliffe or Doug Glanville or Eduardo Perez or Eric Wedge ESPN/ESPN 2
Thursday Night Baseball Bob Costas or Matt Vasgersian or Jim Kaat Jim Kaat, John Smoltz, Tom Verducci, Billy Ripken, Tim McCarver Sam Ryan, Tom Verducci MLB Network
Fox Saturday Baseball Joe Buck, Matt Vasgersian, Kenny Albert, Justin Kutcher, Joe Davis, Aaron Goldsmith, Don Orsillo (starting 2016) Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, John Smoltz, Eric Karros, CJ Nitkowski, Ken Rosenthal, Erin Andrews, Jon Paul Morosi, Fox/Fox Sports 1
MLB en Fox Deportes Francisco X. Rivera, Pablo Alsina Jose Tolentino, Duaner Sánchez Fox Deportes
Viva el béisbol por ESPN Deportes Ernesto Jerez, Luis Alfredo Álvarez or Fernando Álvarez Ozzie Guillén, Candy Maldonado Guillermo Celis or Enrique Rojas ESPN Deportes

(*)Broadcasts move to Wednesdays during the month of September to avoid conflict with Monday Night Football

All-Star Game and postseason[edit]

Game Play-by-play Analyst or second play-by-play Reporter(s) Network
2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Joe Buck Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci Ken Rosenthal and Erin Andrews Fox
2016 American League Wild-Card Game Dan Shulman John Kruk and Jessica Mendoza Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian ESPN
2016 American League Division Series Matt Vasgersian John Smoltz and A.J. Pierzynski Jon Paul Morosi Fox Sports 1
MLB Network
2016 American League Division Series Kenny Albert
Bob Costas
Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci
Jim Kaat
Ken Rosenthal Fox Sports 1
MLB Network
2016 National League Wild-Card Game
2016 National League Division Series
Ernie Johnson, Jr. Ron Darling and Cal Ripken, Jr. Matt Winer
Sam Ryan
2016 National League Division Series Brian Anderson Dennis Eckersley and Joe Simpson Matt Winer TBS
2016 American League Championship Series Joe Buck Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci Ken Rosenthal and Erin Andrews Fox Sports 1/Fox
2016 National League Championship Series Ernie Johnson, Jr. Ron Darling and Cal Ripken, Jr. Matt Winer and Sam Ryan TBS
2016 World Series Joe Buck Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci Ken Rosenthal and Erin Andrews Fox

National radio broadcasts[edit]

Regular season and the All-Star Game[edit]

Game Play-by-play Analyst or second play-by-play Reporter(s) Network
MLB All-Star Game
Home Run Derby
Sunday Night Baseball

Saturday Game of the Week
Jon Sciambi Chris Singleton ESPN Radio


Game Play-by-play Analyst or second play-by-play Reporter(s) Network
MLB Postseason on ESPN Radio Jon Sciambi (NL wild card game, select NLDS and the NLCS games (2015-present))
Dave O'Brien (AL wild card game, select ALDS games)
Chris Berman (select ALDS games)
Dave Flemming (select ALDS games)
Dan Shulman (select NLDS and the ALCS games (2015-present), World Series)
Aaron Boone (along with Shulman)
Rick Sutcliffe (along with Flemming or Berman)
John Kruk (along with O'Brien)
Chris Singleton (along with Sciambi)
ESPN Radio


  1. ^ Baltimore Orioles games on WJZ-TV air on MASN outside of the Baltimore DMA.
  2. ^ Cleveland Indians games on WKYC air on STO outside of the Cleveland DMA.
  3. ^ Washington Nationals games on WUSA air on MASN outside of the Washington, D.C. DMA.
  4. ^ Some Cincinnati Reds games also air on Fox Sports Indiana,[38] Fox Sports Tennessee, and SportSouth[39] (channel varies by region).
  5. ^ Some St. Louis Cardinals games are also available on Fox Sports Indiana, Fox Sports Tennessee, and SportSouth[40] (channel varies by region).
  6. ^ 2013 was the last year for Los Angeles Dodgers games on Prime Ticket and KCAL-TV. Cable telecasts moved to a new channel called SportsNet LA in 2014.[41]
  7. ^ If Jon Miller of the Giants is off, Duane Kuiper will work the first 3 and last 3 innings on TV while Dave Flemming does the middle 3 innings on TV. On radio, Flemming does the first 3 and last 3 innings of play-by-play on radio and Kuiper does the middle 3 innings on radio.
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