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Alfasigma USA, Inc. (formerly 'Pamlab') is an American medical food company, and a division of Alfasigma Group, of Bologna Italy.


Alfasigma USA, Inc (formerly Pamlab, LLC) US base of operations is located in Covington, Louisiana. The company has been in the pharmaceutical industry since 1957, initially introducing numerous prescription cough/cold products to prescribing physicians in Louisiana. In 1987, Pamlab was purchased by Samuel and Judith Camp.[1]

Alfasigma USA, Inc. produces medical foods for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, early memory loss/Alzheimer's, high-risk pregnancy, depression, and other medical conditions. Their products are sold and marketed in the United States, though the company has expressed interest in expanding into other markets such as Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

In early 2013, Pamlab was purchased by Nestlé Health Science.[2]

In December 2016, Pamlab was purchased by Alfasigma Group of Bologna, Italy [3] and operates in the US as Alfasigma USA, Inc.


Some of Pamlab's products include the following:

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