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Nestlé Pure Life
OwnerNestlé Waters
Introduced1993; 26 years ago (1993) (as Aberfoyle Springs)
Tagline"A healthy, active lifestyle starts with staying well hydrated with Nestle Pure Life Purified Water."

Nestlé Pure Life is a brand of bottled water created by Nestlé.


The brand has been sold as Nestlé Pure Life since 2002. Prior to that it was known as Aberfoyle Springs and had been produced by the Aberfoyle Springs company since 1993. Nestlé Pure Life water is sold in 28 countries spread over every continent excluding Australia and Antarctica.[1]

After purchasing the Aberfoyle Springs brand and facilities in 2000, Nestlé changed the name first, in 2002, to "Nestlé Pure Life Aberfoyle," and then to "Nestlé Pure Life Natural Spring Water". Nestlé also bottles the Montclair brand in its facilities. Nestlé's Aberfoyle Springs plant currently bottles two different waters: the on-site Aberfoyle spring water, and spring water tankered in from Cedar Valley Spring in Erin, Ontario. In addition, spring water is botted on-site in Hope, British Columbia.

In the United States, Nestlé Pure Life is a purified (filtered) water. Every drop in every bottle of Nestlé Pure Life water goes through a rigorous quality process. That is how the brand makes sure it meets their high safety standards, and tastes great too.

Nestlé Waters is mostly Canada's largest water bottling company, by volume, with 2 bottling facilities. The larger of the two bottling facilities are located in Aberfoyle, Ontario with the second facility located in Hope, British Columbia and warehouses located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Hamilton, Ontario and Laval, Quebec.


Nestlé was criticized that the water will be bottled in poor regions like South Africa, which could drain natural water sources and affect people who can't afford the expensive bottled water. The movie Bottled Life documented 2012 the situation and won several film awards.[2]

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