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Chokito brand logo.png
Product typeChocolate bar

A Chokito is a chocolate-covered chocolate bar containing caramel fudge with crisped rice,[1] manufactured by Nestlé in Australia,[2] Switzerland,[3] and Brazil.[4] The current slogan for Chokito in Australia is "big feed, big taste",[5] while in the 1970s the tag line was "Chokito gets you going".


Chokito was relaunched in 2010 in Australia with new packaging and a new recipe reformulation.[6] This included moving away from compound chocolate that was in the original formula. Also in 2010 was a new advertising campaign based around a man barring club bouncers from entering places like bathrooms and a gym, saying the advertising's catchphrase, "No no no." The campaign, targeted at men 24–35, had 380,000 views in two weeks, on sites YouTube and[7] The new formulation Chokito was launched in New Zealand in 2012. Chokito was also originally marketed by Nestle South Africa in the late 1960s but then withdrawn in the early 1980s.

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