Peixinhos da horta

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A plate of Peixinhos da horta

Peixinhos da horta (Portuguese pronunciation: [pɐjˈʃĩɲuʒ] or [pejˈʃĩɲuʒ ðɐ ˈɔɾtɐ]) is a traditional dish in Portuguese cuisine. The name of the dish is literally translated as "little garden fish", as it resembles small pieces of colorful fish.[1] It was introduced to Japan by Jesuit missionaries in the sixteenth century, where it was eventually developed into tempura.[2]


Peixinhos da horta is usually prepared with green beans in a wheat flour based batter that are then deep fried. Other vegetables such as bell peppers and squash are also used.


It possible that the Portuguese picked the technique up from Goa which was their colony in India and this could very well be a variation of the pakora.