Reunion (Viggo Mortensen album)

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Studio album by Viggo Mortensen
Released September 26, 2011
Length 38:08
Label TDRS Music
Perceval Press
Viggo Mortensen chronology
Canciones de Invierno

Reunion is the tenth album by actor Viggo Mortensen and avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, released in September 2011.[1]

The album is dedicated to Tracy Thielen who died in 2006 and produced several of Mortensen's albums.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hold My Ladder"   5:30
2. "Empty House"   5:17
3. "It Wasn't Me"   8:08
4. "Why Not Now?"   2:02
5. "Lend Me Your Tightrope"   9:00
6. "Meet Me Outside"   4:29
7. "Nice Walking With You"   3:29