Route 171 (Israel)

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Highway 171
171 כביש
Route information
Length: 33 km (21 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Highway 10 (Har Harif)
East end: Highway 40 (Mizpe Rimon)
Major cities: Mitzpe Ramon
Highway system

Roads in Israel


Route 171 is a regional east-west road in southern Israel. It is the only east-west road in the Negev Mountains. It is 33 km long. It goes from Mount Harif (Hebrew: הר חריף‎‎) junction on Highway 10 adjacent to Israel's border with Egypt to HaRuhot junction with Highway 40 about 5 km north of Mitzpe Ramon. The road passes mostly along the northern edge of Makhtesh Ramon and along the flowing path of Wadi Nitzana (he). In its eastern portion it crosses HaRuhot Plain and passes by the Mitzpe Ramon Airport.


Kilometers Name Type Meaning Location Intersecting routes
0 צומת הר חריף
(Har Harif Junction)
Mount Harif ISR-HW10.png Highway 10
33 צומת הרוחות
(HaRuhot Junction)
the winds North of Mitzpe Ramon ISR-HW40.png Highway 40

About 5 km northeast of Har Harif junction, 950 meters above mean sea level, are the Lots cisterns (he). This is a group of 17 water cisterns spread over an area of 2 square km, that were dug during the reign of Solomon in the 10th century BCE. 15 of the water-pits are still filled with water in the winter rainy season.[citation needed]

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