Highway 85 (Israel)

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Highway 85 is an east-west highway in Northern Israel. It is one of the most important roads through the Galilee, connecting the western Galilee with the Eastern Galilee. The road begins in Akko on the west coast of Israel and ends in the east just north of Lake Kinneret.

Description of the route from west to east[edit]

The road begins at Highway 4 in Akko in the west, and ends at Amiad junction at Highway 90 near Korzim in the east. It is 37 km long. The route from Akko to Hananya junction has been used for transportation since ancient times and passes through the Beit HaKerem valley.

Junctions and settlements on the route[edit]

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Coordinates: 32°55′30″N 35°17′55″E / 32.92500°N 35.29861°E / 32.92500; 35.29861